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Mario's Enigmatic Tales 1: The Betrayal

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Enigmatic Tales 1: The Betrayal

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Enigmatic Tales 1: The Betrayal
Author: Major Flare
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 87 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Here's one more of my attempts to complete a hack, this one with SMW's standard feeling... or not. This hack is intended to start a new series of Mario adventures: Enigmatic Tales!

In chapter 1, something really strange has happened: Bowser's new ally is... PEACH! Now, she is trying to keep all other princesses far from Mario, including his first friend: Rosalina. It's up to Mario now to discover how to stop Bowser and Peach, but without hurting her.

This is a DEMO version. The complete version with Peach boss will be released ASAP.

Note: I changed the bosses, as Mode 7 ones crash the game
Tags: asm vanilla variety
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4.5 (20 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (5)

Retro Master HD Link
Really hope the full version of this Hack comes out at some point.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Looks fun and stuff
Electric Pants Link
Wow! Amazing hack. It has nice gameplay, music and graphics. Do you mind giving me the music for the first level?
Atomicatoms Link
This hack pretty great overall. It's good on difficulty/gameplay, I didn't see any bugs or glitches when using SNES9x or SNESGT emulators and I really like the story of seeing Peach betray her own kingdom for reasons unknown (I think).

The one thing I ask for is to add the missing "Peach Boss" and a conclusion to why she betrayed the kingdom.
Doopliss Link
Do you think you could please tell me where you got the red Bob-Omb sprite (the one that makes an extra-large explosion)? I know I've seen it in another hack.