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Tools → SpriteTIP

Submission Details

Name: SpriteTIP
Author: Vitor Vilela
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: No
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: This tool lets you extract the sprites tiles from your ROM and converts into Custom Collection of Sprites, making them displayable on Lunar Magic. See readme for more information.
Tags: lunar magic sa-1 sprite sprite tile
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
4.9 (31 ratings)
No rating
Download 508.11 KiB | 3,662 downloads


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Comments (16)

ChrisHamulak Link
Still working in the new version??
ModernKiwi Link
Originally posted by KaidenThelens
Why can't I use pixi for this?

This tool is apparently only compatible with Romi's Sprite Tool Sprites.
ModernKiwi Link
I wish that this could be used for PIXI Sprites, and if this never gets updated, I hope that someone can make something similar to this, but for Pixi Sprites.
KaidenThelens Link
Why can't I use pixi for this?
nlxt Link
I get an invalid Extra bit and the first sprite from the list
I do not know if you have to see that the first sprite on the list is 00 then I do not know what it could be
Link13 Link
Jump on the PIXI boat since xkas is obsolete.
Actualización para PIXI por favor
Update for PIXI please
Gartore Link
for the next vercion must work whit the pixi sprite tool
Green Jerry Link
Why does this require the .NET Framework?
TheWorldOfMarioYT Link
Gotta have this tool. Bet it works on my version of Lunar Magic, which is currently 2.12.
Wizard The Wizzisential Link
well, its still a little tedious to set up the text file (if it could read off of spritetool's text file, maybe look for the .asm files to get the description from, it'd be way better) but as-is it's pretty great
only issue is it seems to skip level ender/teleport sprites even if i put them in the text file (it just skips that number, and i have to insert manually)
Spinjumper Link
Works perfectly well. Easy to use, albeit setting up the sprite names & descriptions is a bit tedious. Still, well done. Custom sprites are no longer a pain in the ass to use.
 Luigi-San Link
Might want to add a couple more tool mods, then...
Vitor Vilela Author Link
It's because right now the ASM/Tool team is too small and busy at same time. Only p4plus2 can moderate this since the tool team is only made by me and him right now. And he is pretty busy right now (and I can't moderate stuff myself, also busy too), so the only way to solve that is waiting.

...Uh that and p4 is a linux user. Looks like this won't get moderated soon.
MercuryPenny Link
what kinda scrubo moderation team takes 6 months to even look here
HammerBrother Link