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Details for Yoshi's Strange Quest
Super Mario World Hacks - Yoshi's Strange Quest Show random
File Name: Yoshi's Strange Quest
Authors: yoshifanatic
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 100 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: This is the sequel to Mario's Strange Quest. Picking up where Mario's Strange Quest left off, it turns out that the part where Yoshi's eggs hatched at the end of MSQ didn't actually happen. What really happened after Mario beat Bowser, rescued Yoshi's eggs, and saved the princess was that Yoshi and his sleepy friend decided to move to a new land so that he can protect his eggs from Bowser before they really hatched. So, both Yoshis do so and they find themselves in the land of Weirdonia. However, it seems that Bowser apparently insists on stealing Yoshi's eggs, since Yoshi's eggs were stolen again while Yoshi was out shopping. Since Mario isn't around to help this time, Yoshi goes on a quest by himself to retrieve his eggs. However, just like Mario's Strange Quest, this isn't your ordinary quest. The land of Weirdonia is a strange land filled with bizarre gimmicks, weird themes, and possibly jelly filled donuts and pizza. Expect the unexpected during Yoshi's journey.

This hack's features:
- 71 levels (100 exits)
- Custom Graphics
- Tested on and works on a real SNES
- Custom Music
- Custom ASM
- Lots of level variety
- Plenty of (possibly) unique gimmicks and themes
- Lots of silliness and general weirdness
- A box art image, a cartridge sticker image, and a game manual (download links are in the readme)
- Older versions of YSQ (V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, and V1.3 Beta) are linked to in the readme for those that are interested in seeing what YSQ was like in past versions
- Lots of secrets to find
- Free novelty T-shirts with every download*

*T-shirt not included.

Note: Be sure to read the readme that comes with YSQ. It contains a ton of useful information that will help you out in YSQ.
Tags: asm, bosses, custom character, exgfx, exploration, gimmick, health, huge level, music, powers, story, variety, yoshi
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 43)
Download: Download - 1.93 MiB
Sonck's entertainment
Como Yoshifanatic pudo insertar a yoshi de esa forma
Posted by: Sonck's entertainment - | Link
Sonck's entertainment
Lo que le quiero decir a Yoshifanatic que su rom os súper asomobroso
Posted by: Sonck's entertainment - | Link
Sonck's entertainment
Lo que le quiero decir a Yoshifanatic que su rom os súper asomobroso
Posted by: Sonck's entertainment - | Link
Great game! Highly enjoyed it. 9/10!
Posted by: Dinotaiki - | Link
Minish Yoshi
Yoshi's Strange Quest Mellow Mode - Version 1.1

This is the download link for Yoshi's Strange Quest Mellow Mode, an official version of the hack created by myself which makes the level design more forgiving to make the game easier. In simplest terms, it is baby mode. (I suggest that you might want to play it alongside YSQ. You could consider it a companion of sorts.)
Posted by: Minish Yoshi - | Link
Minish Yoshi
#smrpg{mlem} Fantastic.
Posted by: Minish Yoshi - | Link
Posted by: isaacrmhmd - | Link
Somehow the game keeps freezing for a few seconds after dying, and the HUD disappears too.
Posted by: MCTravisYT - | Link
Posted by: aterraformer - | Link
i dont know a original name
how to i play this and other rom hacks?
Posted by: i dont know a original name - | Link
Good Hack
Posted by: SuperMarioFan55589 - | Link
Dark Mario Bros
idk how I've not noticed this hack before, I'm looking forward on this :D
Posted by: Dark Mario Bros - | Link
Very great hack so far, but it's very frustrating and some levels are just badly designed (not difficult or fun, just bad and frustrating and overly long) but after the horrendous world 2 the game picks up a lot, world 3, 4 and 5 are all (mostly) great, although very difficult, and the secret worlds are mostly good so far too.

It's getting increasingly difficult to make progress, world 5 has been a slow haul to say the least (Could have something to do with it being a water world), but it's clear that this hack went all out on the impressive arsenal that yoshi has to offer. Can't wait to see what the other half of this game has to offer, so i'll just list off my top 5 favorite/least favorite levels so far:


5. (Secret exit is fantastic)
4. Slimy Cave (Very difficult, but also very well done)
3. Key Cliffs (Great design, going all the way down and then all the way up in the same level is really cool)
2. Cookie Crisis (Love levels designed around speedrunning)
1. Key Plains (Very clever, fun, challenging and unique)

Least favorite:

5. Misty Mines (The barrels are and always will be an awful idea)
4. Castle Crush (Horribly designed auto-scroller with spike-spam)
3. Tiger Path (This level is random nonsense)
2. Forest Access (Absolute Disaster)
1. Giant Chasm (Quite possibly the worst cave level i've ever played, absolutely nothing about this level works, very annoying, infinitely frustrating, narrow, awkward, confusing, slow, and topped with one of the most finicky and badly-conveyed secret exits i've ever seen, to the point where i had to awkwardly lured a football into the the corridor below the pipe so i could jump off of it instead of leading the chuck to the boxes blocking the key to completely skip the secret exit, 0/10 do not look forward to getting the dragon coins for this level. inexcusably bad, seriously, how did this get past testing?)

I'm feeling a light 8/10 on this game so far.
Posted by: elezard - | Link
Andyana Jonseph
If I ever make a top 10 SMW hack list, this would be in the top 5.
Posted by: Andyana Jonseph - | Link
H.carrell on an ipad
levelengine is playing 1.3.1 but he tried to pass 2-3 then got a game over new game over screen
Posted by: H.carrell on an ipad - | Link
yoshi jumps over a kaizo trap
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
The only problem I have with this hack is that the first few levels are way to difficult, but thats subjective so idk
Posted by: UpBForVictory - | Link
@SMWHackedHACK Really? I can't get it to work in SNES9x. Although I am using an older version. My PC does not have the newer DirectX files.
Posted by: Taffy - | Link
Lucas Barrios

The hack is wonderful, it sounds like a new game from Nintendo. I'm just having a problem, I put on my Flashcard to play on the SNES and it crashes immediately when it is part of the initial dialogue, and realized that the SRAM is 128kb, please help me !!
Posted by: Lucas Barrios - | Link
I like the fourth wall-breaking humor, especially the "kaizo" trap after the goal.
Posted by: HammerBrother - | Link
This hack looks pretty impressive, but the difficulty rating of "Hard" makes me think that it will be another hack that's harder than Mega Man and Battletoads put together, thus turning me away from it. Still, the screenshots looks pretty good from what I can tell.
Posted by: MercuryPenny - | Link
I've played it and gathered all 100 exits, but never managed to find all the Yoshi Coins. This is truly one of the best SMW hacks I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you, Yoshifanatic!
Posted by: xirtamehtsitahw - | Link
What an awesome hack. I really loved this hack's sense of humor. The Switch Palace puzzles are... so hard and cool. Actually, the favorite thing in this hack are the errors. They're so short and funny.

Level Design 8/10
Not the very best level design. Some levels are very plain. But still, I can see the effort put in this hack. Some levels have very good gimmicks. The difficulty is, just like it says, hard. Fitting difficulty, kinda plain levels with cool gimmicks.

Graphics 9/10
Even though it's redrawn graphics, they fit in the levels and some levels have purely custom and different graphics. The food graphics are very well made. These graphics may be one of the best I've ever seen. I really liked them.

Music 10/10
Perfectly fitting music. Nothing else to say here.

Story 8/10
That... is... truly... a unique story. The plot twist was unexpected.
Now, back to the begining. Back then when the eggs were stolen, I actually thought it was Bowser ho took them. But no, it was the Yoshi. (I really laughed when Yoshi fell asleep) The rest was plain, Yoshi must retrieve the eggs.

Overall 35/40

That's all to it. It's a good hack. One of the best. I would really love to see a new hack from you, Yoshifanatic. :D
Posted by: Trollope - | Link
wow *_*
Posted by: ThatBird447 - | Link
Not works on ZSNES!!!!
Posted by: SMWHackedHACK - | Link
This looks like one of the best hacks to come to SMWC in a while.
Posted by: thekiller678 - | Link

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