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Name: Collab
Authors: EliteBellic, LP-Err0r, Reggiamoto, Robju, ShUriK KiD, Shog, kooooopa, wye
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a collaboration hack made in 2014 by a couple of users at the small German ROM hacking community of

The hack is short, vanilla in spirit and not too fancy altogether — our goal was mainly to bring back a bit of activity to the forums, and (after failing to finish a large-scale project) to see if we could get a least a small collaborative project started and finished.
Tags: collaboration
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
4.3 (26 ratings)
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Comments (4)

Zute Link
Love it
Holy Shinx Link
nothing special, levels are well designes for the most part, it isn't difficult, and you can easly break secret exit using spinjump from Urchin (intended way is using switch on coin snake)
would give it a 3, but since im sucker for collab hack it gets an 4
xjakku Link
Agreeing with previous commenter about this hack feeling very generic, but I don't think there is any particular level bringing the rest down. Also in contrary, I find schwul. to be the most interesting level while WYE's level being my least favorite.

Overall I think the use of vanilla graphics were very nice with very few instances of things being out of place or being confusing. Basically nothing custom aside from one block in one level(?) which just adds to the generic-ness.

Most of the hack is pretty easy with a few exceptions, which yet again just makes it all the more generic.

Can't give any reason to either play nor not play. Download if it seems interesting I suppose.

MercuryPenny Link
Another collab hack with a few levels that bring it down like a lifesaver tied to a rock in water.

I'm not too big a fan of the whole thing overall. Most of the levels feel very generic. The ones I enjoyed the most were WYE's level and Not Roy's Castle, but even then it was still generic to some extent. The levels try hard to be inoffensive and come off as generic. Until you reach "shwul.", which is just...ugh. It's trying to be too hard. It's that one level in every collab hack that tries to stand out in all the wrong ways. The palette is nothing but red, it's got memorization based design, among other problems.

Music was okay and the graphics are the usual.

40% (2/5 stars). Not the best, but not the worst by any extent. I'm not a big fan of playing collab hacks in general because of that one freaking level that tries to be "hard", but it's higher quality than another I've played.