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Gregor's New Super Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Gregor's New Super Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Gregor's New Super Mario World
Author: Gregor
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Well then. This is the second demo of my hack.

Gregor's New Super Mario World is a hack in the style of the original Super Mario World, with some new enemies, a similar artstyle and remixes of the original tracks. It also has some other new things like an intro cutscene, original bosses, gameplay tweaks, graphical tweaks etcetera.
Tags: bosses music vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
4.5 (26 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (12)

friedenreich Link
hey! can you post a link to download the full soundtrack?
awesome tunes!!!
edwinmusic Link
Great hack! This is last version?
Mrgh Link
Great work, altho No spinnjumps made me a bit sad
the First castle was really cool
overall the levels where really boring, nothing special, not much of powerups or anything

Music was great especially in the first castle

I stopped playing at the Ghost house due to it being a Long Maze :(

i might pick it back up later because of the music and the work you did on the castle 4/10 ish :P
RZ1 Link
This was a great hack. Enjoyed it and can't wait for more. The new boss fights were especially awesome.

Minor gripes that I can think of is just the bland title screen. That's about it.

5/5 for this excellent demo.
xFlames Link
Did a quick 2 episode lp but ep.3 got lost and it's too short to do a 3rd episode. Too lazy to recover it and has been lost since for months.
Anyway ratings time!

Level design
9/10 - Great job though the pallets in the levels are sort of looking alot brighter than the original smw. Not saying much else is wrong. Great job!

I may have stated the pallets are too bright in the level design section but they were great and seemed like graphics on nsmb game's. Kudos to you!


Although there is a lack of tracks but then again the original didn't have alot anyway. However the remixes were coolie! Calming for the grassland a little bit caveish for the underground levels. Great job!


Sad story short it was a demo but I can't wait to lp the full game. :D It's a promising hack that has a lot of potential to it. Keep up the good work! ~ xFlames

Mario98966 Link
This was a fun SMW Hack to play and enjoy for me! It's basically like a "what-if?" game.

"What if Nintendo started a NEW Super Mario World Series and continued Mario and Luigi's adventures?"

The intro was something that i was amazed of because it looked similar to the Super Mario Advanced 2: Super Mario World [GBA] intro.

Then we had some remixes of the Super Mario World original songs which also included songs from Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, and even Super Mario Bros 3!

Then you've included some Bosses from different games of the Mario/Yoshi series which is great.

It was well made like always. Even though this is a Demo, i could tell this is going to be a great SMW ROM Hack!

Rate: 8/10
Gregor Author Link
"why did you get rid of it?"

Because I'm not fond of it
MercuryPenny Link
Heh, might as well review this. This was a rather fun hack, but not without its flaws.

The level design as a whole is quite SMW-like with its own feel to it. The difficulty ramps up incredibly fast unfortunately, so it feels like you're playing through some supersecret extra world in SMW without a spinjump (which I'm not particularly fond of - why did you get rid of it?). The first castle is a very good example of this. There are tons of precise jumps and you're forced to go slow at all times which drives me insane. And once you beat it, boom, the difficulty ramps back down again. What?

The bosses are interesting enough to deserve their own section. The Thwimp boss is difficult to figure out and even once you do it's still really tough, especially for the first world. It's incredibly fancy nonetheless, but the difficulty is overkill for world one. The piranha boss is similarly interesting, and more fitting for its place in the game. It was fairly interesting to figure out and really fun to fight.

Music was fitting for the most part, but you may have missed the fact that you used two different remixes of the exact same song. Graphics are SMW.

Hard to say where to place this hack, but ultimately I'd say 3/5. Nice job, though you may want to make the difficulty way more gradual.
Paperdomo101 Link
This was an exciting hack to play, I found both secrets and I hope you keep working and updating it. This took on a vanilla-style aspect, and the level design was brilliant. Keep up the good work!
Gregor Author Link
leod Link
Very nice hack and very nice bossers.
It's evident that you really put your body and soul into this.
especially the former
Aeon Link
I must say, this was a lot of fun to play through! Some great level design and very well-made aesthetics, and the hack does a great job at creating a SMW feeling while still having some originality. This is what I would expect from a New Super Mario World.