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Awesome Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Awesome Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Awesome Mario World
Author: NGB
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This Hack was made for C3 in winter 2014 and it took me more than 9 months to create it.

Just download the hack and have fun playing it.

Info: Awesome Mario World uses the autosave patch. This causes the hack to save everytime you move on the overworld. You don't need any save prompts.
Tags: asm hdma music
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.3 (33 ratings)
No rating
Download 449.90 KiB | 4,992 downloads


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Comments (15)

niko Link
I am a person who likes short, challanging levels, that hack has easy, extremly long levels.

I dont give a rating to this, because i think i am the false player for a hack with this style of levels.
Green Jerry Link
Loved this hack because of this:
Flappy Bird
Chillah Link
This hack was great. The levels were kind of long and made me kind of confused about where to go, but the effort put in to this is greatly profound. This is one of the best hacks I've played, and the best in aesthetics. The music really is great, too, and it's very creative. The cut-scenes are nice, too. The only bad things I have to say really is poor navigation. The Toads are helpful, but not to as where you should go and what you should do. Especially the battle against the stupid crab. Other than that, great!

4/5 Stars, 8/10

Kudos to you, my friend.
RZ1 Link
The hack is the best looking hack I have ever played. Excellent visuals.

Thats about the only good thing I have to say. The level design is decent, but the stages are so long it hurts. It gets to the point where it becomes boring and want to stop playing. Very repetitive.

Like the vertical level where you climb the mountain. One of the most bland stages I have ever played in a hack.

Ill give it a 3/5 just because the effort put into the aesthetics.
lu9 Link
I really like this hack, it is indeed awesome. Too bad it's really short. I like especially the music in the level where you go up, what is the name of it? :P
MercuryPenny Link
I only got through three levels before giving up. These levels look nice, but are overinflated with a million different ideas in a single level. The average length for the three levels must have been 25 (hex) screens at least. After a while you just start to reach a point of tire from playing the same level for 10 minutes and you just give up.

2/5. Could be much, much better than it is. Splitting the levels up - level one alone could be turned into two different levels - could definitely be an improvement.
ShinyPikablu Link
This hack looks nice and clean, but it seems that was the only goal, the levels just feel overly long and boring. It is like when will this hack ever end. That is not a good thing because you should never make a player feel that because that will probably make people stop playing the hack for a long time or ever again, but if you could mix good level design with these graphics, we would have a ream gem.
NGB Author Link
Skip Button for next hack | check (Because I think a hack without any kind of story is stupid)
Shorter Levels for next hack | double check

Sorry to say, but I don't think I will change the visual style too much in the next hack. I like it the way it is. But I will reduce my useage of the wind cluster sprites. It's pretty difficult to not use a resource you just learned how to work with.

About the Sumo Bros Glitch: I'm aware of the glitch itself and I added a patch to fix the issue like 6 months ago. I also never encountered the glitch myself, when playing on many different emulators.
Seems like something went wrong with the patch =( Sorry for that.

Too bad you didn't seem to notice how much thought went into the level design and the theme of a level. I needed much more time creating the levels/coming up with an idea than putting together good looking grafics.

But thanks for your feedback, really appreciated.
xjakku Link
This hack is supposed to be looked at, not played. And it does look pretty nice, a lot of the time. I feel that most of the time put into this went into making it look good rather than designing good levels.

The levels are very long, and not very fun. There is no clear idea or inspiration, it's just kinda.. "there". The only two levels I liked were the last two (before Peach's Castle), because they were shorter and had something different in them. It's not a difficult hack, but if you do happen to die there is a lot of stuff to do again.

There's a lot of unnecessary visual stuff everywhere though that is kinda overwhelming and doesn't really add much. (The wind/leaves sprites for instance.)

There's a lot of story that is forced on the player (and if you happen to die in a level with story, of course you have to sit through it all again.) Personally I think having a story at all is a major downside to a hack, so an option to at least skip it would be nice.

Didn't really find the music choices to be bad, except The Dark Castle, which really didn't fit the theme well at all.

Also, be careful with the sumo brother, it has a glitch with sprites teleporting all over the place when it stomps fire. It happens in one level a few times.

NGB Author Link
Thanks for telling me your opinion about this hack.
I can totally get what you mean with the length and I can tell you that my next hack will feature shorter levels/two midway points at boss levels.
But I have to disagree with your opinion about the difficulty. I saw many people dieing a LOT, even in the early levels. If you want to play hacks with a challenging difficulty, you should try some hacks listed as hard or kaizo light.
And I'm sorry that you didn't like the music =( I tried to use some nice songs and overall the feedback was good. But I guess that's a matter of taste, so I can't do anything to prevent people from not liking my choices.
I will use your feedback to improve my next project. Thanks for telling me.
board Link
NGB: I think I might have some insight as to why someone would leave a 1 star review. I tried this game, and it didn't really suit my tastes at all. I can tell a lot of work went into it, and it's an immersive experience. But it wasn't fun for me.

First of all, the music was irritatingly cheery. I had to turn it off. Apart from that, the levels were too long and not challenging at all. It's more a test of patience than skill. The level design reminded me of Yoshi's Island 2 for the DS. So long that you just start to lose your sanity. Maybe these kinds of games are for a different kind of player than me. I tried to play as much as possible to give it a fair shake; I got to the middle of the frozen lava section before I lost my patience.

I really didn't like the music. Well, the Sound Stone theme for the level clear music was a nice touch.
thebenster1337 Link
Honestly, this was an amazing hack. Thank you for putting time into this! It really paid off. 10/10
NGB Author Link
Could the one person, who gave this hack 1 star please tell me why?
I always want to improve myself and I only can do this with constructive feedback. Just rating this hack one star doesn't help me and neither improves the quality of my future projects.

In addition: I forgot to add Neidave to the Beta Testers in the credits list. He also helped me to improve this hack. I don't want his efforts to be unnoticed.
Eli Moskowitz Link
WOW !!! This hack is awesome.
ThatBird447 Link
WOW *______*!!!! *_* *_* *_____*!!!!