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Windows Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Windows Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Windows Mario World
Author: BetaMaster64
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Windows Mario World is my first SMW hack (that I didn't cancel right away.) It will eventually feature every Microsoft operating system. Right now, it only includes the main ones (95, Vista, etc.) The hack has no story planned... it's basically just Mario in a few operating systems (at this point.) I tested this on ZSNES, BSNES, SNES9x, SNEmulDS, and a random Android SNES emulator, and it worked the same on all of them.

There is a text document featuring all of the tools/music/graphics that were used.
Tags: exgfx windows
Comments: 40 (jump to comments)
4.5 (38 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (40)

Spudz Mooman Link
Loved this hack, probably my favorite one. I wish more was added.
LDTchara Link
The music of win8.1 level is not indicated in the file. I found it. Its name is "cave story-running hell" port by S.N.N.
Mario fan89606 Link
I would like if you please finish the game
Vini2019huebr Link
played the hack today. made it trough all levels. sadly that it was cancelled
Rodrigo Link
this hack is alive? or no?
amongusmario200 Link
how do i use this?
Purple Link
You cancelled Windows Mario World...
roysourboy Link
It's not descripted in the game files like the other music. I've been searching for a while but with no result. It's one of the best VG music I've heard.
MrSkull555 Link
sdasdadad translation: 5 Stars edoit
Purple Link
Purple Link
Super Piter Link this is just what my head thought when i saw this oldie but goodie
Purple Link
Nunonmac1 Link
Rodrigo Link
finish this hack!
Mechanical koopa Link
did it give you the blue screen of death? #tb{^V^}
craftnut Link
You need to finish this! It's one of the best hacks!
Araiguma Kiruno Link
love this hack,its just amazing
Fullcannon Link
Game crashed when you die in "Windows Vista Basic".
vide0gameah Link
sooooo hard
johnziboi Link
Just started playing this hack loving it really creative hope u finish it soon
NeedForMadnessExpert Link
I love it!
atm959 Link
This is very neat!
Pixelate Link
Very nice. No slopes to keep with the 'inside computer' type of gameplay but it makes up with climbing sections.
PowerChordGamer Link
doesnt seem to work in the latest version of snes9x
Galeth Link
You should try adding the block that resets the game just by touching it. I made a Windows level in a hack I'm gonna post anyday inserting that block and simulated a Blue Screen of Death. By the way, nice hack!
StarmanMario Link
It doesn't work
Koopa King 125 Link
Make A Windows 10 Level
thesmb3fan143 Link
I know how u got the aero effect in "Windows 7".....
BlueSheep123 Link
I really liked how you did the Windows Aero effect in the Windows 7 level.
Umut Link
I loved windows vista level it's good and music is good dark world alttp is the music am i right
mallowking Link
Zsnes level cool
Creativity 78%
Graphics 67%
Difficuty 56% i no play all levels :P
Gameplay 99%
This is my rewiew

gameboyjeremy Link
very nice.
the cds are too close together in smw level 1.
i got five in about 45 seconds.
other than that, it was good.
MercuryPenny Link
Use this on your ROM.
Louistheman10 Link
I Tried Using a .smc file but it still didn't work what do I do?
BetaMaster64 Author Link
Thanks for the constructive criticism, everyone!

I'm going to reply to some stuff now (though it is late).

I didn't really see a need to go all-out in editing over everything for the demo version. I want to leave something new for the final! Though I do understand that it can get annoying seeing only Koopas, Chucks, Bullet Bills disguised as Windows flags...etc. I'll change all that at some point! As for the lack of ZSNES.exe world, there were 10 levels in all in that area. I removed 8 of them because it's a demo; so that world's basically just a sample (in a way)!

You have my permission to do so!
Windows 7 Ultimate? There's already a Windows 7 level there, and all the Windows 7 operating systems look the same (excluding Home Basic). The only reason I made the Vista level "Vista Basic" was because it uses that specific GUI by default, so it felt fitting.

It will not work if you are patching to a .sfc file (assuming that is what you're trying to use). Patches made with a .smc file (which is what mine was made with) will not patch correctly to .sfc ROMs.
gassug2 Link
Help! Rom doesn't work when i patched it to a fresh copy of the Super Mario World file, my file isn't a .smc by the way
MyPocketPlant Link

A decent hack. No slopes to keep up with inside computer playstyle but makes it up by adding a lot of climbing sections.

A little more spritework might make it better. Maybe turn the koopas into flying, jumping toasters in the Windows 95 level and have unique sprites for others.

MarioBrotherL1UP Link
Oh man this looks so amazing! I seriously want to LP this, with your permission of course. It would be awesome if the final boss was a Trojan Horse Virus or something. Because those do serious damage to Windows computers. Are you gonna include Windows 7 Ultimate?
Sanguinity Link
I enjoyed your SMW mod, and I laud the creativity and effort it required to combine the various Windows OS's and the SMW world into one great game.

In terms of criticism, I believe you should add more levels to the ZSNES.exe section of the hack.

Secondly, I believe you should add more enemies because the Koopas I believe were a bit overused.

Thirdly, for the sake of environment, the bats in the Windows Vista Basic level appeared out-of-place. I would recommend changing them into cursors to add more elements of Microsoft Windows into the hack.

And lastly, I found the placement of discs in the first Dinosaur Land level too close together. Try spacing those out somewhat.

Those are my points of criticism, but apart from that, I definitely enjoyed your hack and played the entire demo. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and cannot wait to see more of your material.