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Details for Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance
Super Mario World Hacks - Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance Show random
This file is obsolete. The latest version is Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance. For other versions, check the version history.
File Name: Classic Mario World 2: The Great Alliance
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 120 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is just a update fixing some bugs. I added some cutscenes of the story, connecting with the first and third CMW.

The levels are the same. I just fixed some issues like the door 10 in Bowser's Castle and the semi-impossible room in 4-GH.

Final version.

Hello SMWCentral. I decided to update this hack one more time. In this new update, I removed the '2' from the name because CMW1 is cancelled. I inserted some more bonuses in the bonus room: you can access it depending on the number of exits you have. I also fixed level 9-6 where the autoscroll stops sometimes, and added the boss select in the bonus room; turned on the Yoshis on all the maps like the original CMW1, and changed the tower in world 8 because this level is a repeat of the final bosses.

I hope you enjoy it.

A Let's Play by me with all 120 exits can be found here.

- Choconilla gfx
- +80 custom songs
- +100 custom sprites
- Patches
- 2-round Koopaling battles +6 bosses

Mod note: Readded "2" to the name to be consistent with the version declared on the title screen. It's much less confusing this way.
Tags: asm, bosses, less exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 3.5 (Votes: 12)
Download: Download - 869.01 KiB
Is the song in Frost Forest supposed to sound like that? Because it sounds like it's a bit messed up.
Posted by: FreeKill2111 - | Link
best smw hack i've played in my life! not joking good job.
Posted by: Mariogamer435 - | Link
this hack is pretty good but needs another serious bug fix.

In the Mole Cliffs level in world 6, if you enter a green pipe in the sky after climbing up a vine, you will be taken to a room where the red paratroopas and a bunch of coins with NO WAY OUT; I had to fall into the pit to go back to the OW map. I think you forgot to add either an exit pipe or exit door to get out of this place [or the "entrance" pipe that is supposed to function as both an entrance & an exit pipe does not work].
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
I have started playing this recently and am finding the hack to be more punishing to those who rush ahead, encouraging players to take their time and they'll be fine. Some levels punish players who try to rush. This isn't a bad thing, but I have found something that IS a problem: while maneuvering around the far reaches of maps, I have already found five separate places where the player can unwittingly find himself in a weird spot, two being game-breaking (you must wait out time and a new life unless you have already completed the stage). bandicoot, I've added my Skype to this account (just registered here) and I'll be happy to send you the pictures in question.

I'll briefly describe these bug scenarios for other players.

1. In Flood Tunnel, it's possible to jump up a waterfall that is seemingly coming through the ceiling. This lets the player into the wall. You don't die doing this or have to wait as you can hop back out, so this one isn't game-breaking; however, a second version of the tile should exist that prohibits ceiling access (I presume the tile is needed later to allow access somewhere in another level). Alternatively, get rid of the block ceiling around the waterfall.

2. In Fungi Highroad, adept players can farm the blue shell with a Yoshi to the end of the enclosed note block section (that shell can also let a player fly over the entire area, making Star Coin access trivial); I successfully hopped the goal line and found a seemingly endless path, then dropped into a pit at the end. Of course, you can turn around and get the goal anyway.

3. In "Koopa Tropa Hill", more blue shell farming is possible. I managed to fly over the end of the first map and fell into the area above the pipe, unable to escape. Fortunately, I used save states on that playing, so exiting via Start/Select was also unnecessary (I had finished the level already).

4. Also in "Koopa Tropa Hill", more of a graphical glitch. On the second main map, you go forward to four rising and falling pipes flanking three that hold Jumping Piranhas, one spitting pellets. If the player comes along with firepower or a Yoshi and eats/kills a plant, you go through and all looks normal to the next four natural pipes and beyond. However, if you do not have the ability to bonk the plant, you end up seeing the top of the fourth moving pipe is missing. You can still stand on it and it doesn't rise or fall. To ease graphical issues, perhaps make the two pipes on the ends of this group of seven also be stationary and without plants in them.

5. If you have a Yoshi in Verdant Jungle, you will be forced to abandon it during this level at the large pipe before leaving the enclosed area (this can be prevented using a walk thru walls cheat, but I won't discuss that; BTW, that makes water nothing more than dead air making some levels unplayable, so be careful if you do that type of thing). At the start of the level, you can be creative in how you abandon Yoshi by carefully flying to the top of the entrance area (where the Dragon Coin is located) and standing on the rightmost platform. Hop straight up, jump off of Yoshi, and head over the wall. You have a huge area to be trapped in forever here. The answer here is to make more ceiling here and make it impossible to get up there; it's also possible to hop over the pipe from the other side, so having the entire area be ceiling safeguards this.

A separate concern is the water level (Watertops Way). The fish circles are unrealistic and cause enemies to not appear until you are literally on top of them or, sometimes, have already run into them. If you are going to use these, don't have other enemies around them, I think they are overused here, and it's unrealistic to have fish you can't shoot fire at to dispel as well, so it's better without them IMO (use the trick for a ghost ship).
Posted by: CycloneGU - | Link
Well, this took it's sweet time.
Going to be honest, I think this hack would have been better if had been shorter. A lot of the later levels seemed desperate to get their screen numbers done. Like I remember quite a few emtpy passages with nothing but some generator and auto scroll.
If you had combined all the creative elements in half or one third the lenght, I think it would have improved the overall quality.

Another thing are Bowser's Castle and the Tower in the special world... those levels are just rediculous to play without savestates. I think I spend nearly half an hour in each even using them.

Lastly, a lot of your levels have secret exits, it would be nice if you'd place them more at the beginning or the middle. Not always but certainly not a rare case where I have to play the same level twice just because the secret exit is right at the end.
Posted by: JackTheSpades - | Link
Kaisaan Siddiqui - I will search for a proofreader for fix the text.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Could you also fix the Message boxes? They have incorrect grammar in them.
Posted by: Kaisaan - | Link

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