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Desert Traveling

Super Mario World Hacks → Desert Traveling

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Comments (5)

Gabriel_Master Link
Not much to see here,Only a desert-themed internship
Gabriel_Master Link
Not much to see here.
rom_hacker_f00 Link
Good hack.
 Lazy Link
Not much to see here, just a couple of short desert-themed rooms, each focussed on one particular enemy type. In the third room, most of the koopas just walk straight into the lava, and at the very end, there's fast autoscroller where's you're supposed to press right. The player doesn't know this ahead of time and is most likely going to die.
 Counterfeit From older version: Desert Traveling Link
Music restarts every level, and the cave room has a low camera starting position. This hack is eligible for a "Hack Fixer" badge for that nuisance despite working fine on all emulators.