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OW Inventory

SMW Patches → OW Inventory

Submission Details

Name: OW Inventory
Author: MarioE
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: These two patches add either an NSMBWii or SMB3 styled overworld inventory. A near-replica of the treasure chest from SMB3 is included.

Read the readme for more details.

This version fixes a bug with the last page of the 3rd save file of the SMB3 inventory, as well as a possible H-blank related bug. It also requires the SRAM Plus patch to function. Sample instances of sram_table.asm have been included for your ease.

LX5's fix: Fixed a bug related to the arrows having garbage tiles instead of the arrow tile.
Tags: inventory item lorom needs remoderation nsmbwii overworld powerup smb3
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
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Comments (20)

Amomario123w Link
THIS patch really needs to get REMODERATED, it is incomapatible with all the previous version of AD musicK when you get the star from the overworld, and with the new version of admusick it crashes when you go from a map to another. Also, it really needs to be compatible with the LX5 powerups please just using the original powerups ais very limiting.
dequeiroz Link
Hello, I would like some support if possible to correct a failure presented in Overworld. When Mario is equipped with Cape or Raccoon and then switches to any other Powerup through inventory, his graphics seem to have some bugs. I don't understand ASM so I don't know how I could fix this. Can someone help me?

Here is the example image:

lx5 Link
requires changes to work with sa-1 pack 1.35+ (dma remap conflict)

... on top of what i previously mentioned here
Nowieso Link
Are there plans to remoderate this patch in the near future?
GlitchyTSP Link
Anyone know if this works with SA-1?
lx5 Link
Originally posted by Sacri Pan
Work with LX5's Custom Powerups?#lm{extexgfx}

Sacri Pan Link
Work with LX5's Custom Powerups?#lm{extexgfx}
norcal939 Link
work with zsnes?
lx5 Link
i tried remoderating this one but

1) sa-1 version (at least mine) would require uberasm usage or searching some hijacks at gm11 and perhaps 13 to clear a some ram addresses and do other stuff

2) getting the star to work with amk is so god damn horrible, it requires messing with AMK's source to get a similar effect to how it's supposed to work, this is mainly by the fact that amk is so damn sensible when it comes to music upload during black screens

3) implementing custom powerups support is horrible by the fact that it would require some sort of rewrite to have the outline gfx like the not remoderated version has (see pic 2). i was thinking to make the items dynamic so it doesn't eat the entire SP2 area, but that's so time consuming to get it to work at all

4) nsmbwii inventory has some weird crashes and weird behaviors when using more than one page of items, the causes are in the draw_inv routine

5) didn't even try messing with the lorom version of the patch, smb3 inventory or the treasure chests lmao

if you have enough free time and are brave enough you can try what i did i guess:
- sa-1 version requires the usage of a custom irq handler and disabling the hijack at irq, it does literally nothing on sa-1 roms
- amk source (spc700) needs to be adjusted, voices setting ($005e) shouldn't reset on song upload and there needs to be sfxs or 1dfa commands to mute voices on demand, it'd be better to edit 1dfa's behavior imo, sfx are muted during song uploads if i read amk's source correctly
- not sure if needed, but i made amk upload a song to the spc700 during gm11 (disable sample upload!) to ensure that the fade song effect doesn't carry over the level, disabled the voices and the custom irq handler if using sa-1
- amk non spc700 source needs to be adjusted as well, to check if mario has a star during gm12 to see if we need to mute the voices again (HandleSpecialSongs is a good spot for this)
- the voices needs to be reenabled on gm13 init so the star song starts playing if mario has one. every gm referenced in the last points should also check if mario comes from the overworld or not ($141a)
- placing a easy to read pointer to add_item routine somewhere in the patch, so it can be used with asar's read3 function like i did on my upcoming star coins patch update [1] [2], a lot more user friendly than have the end user to copy an address that asar pops out to get the treasure chest to work at all

i'm probably missing something somewhere, but honestly, it's not worth the trouble getting a public friendly version of this patch; making the user modify amk's source (even by including the files to just drag and drop) it's something i'd like to avoid at all costs because amk is so sensible, users would yell at me if they broke their amk and i don't want to consume my whole time fixing this instead of working on my own hack
perhaps i would have been able to get this to work fine if i ignored custom powerups support, but that would be against my principles lol

i may be able to provide assistance to anyone who wants to fix this because i want to see this remoderated at some point (tfw contradicting myself), feel free to dm me on discord or pm me here. do not contact me if you aren't trying to remoderate it pls

me after writing this wall of text
Amomario123w Link
it actually works fine but i need to arrange the sample instances in order that it works in the SMB3 INVENTORY with 4 pages: i put this in the sram_table.asm:
dl $7E1F49 : dw $0029 i change to 29 intead of dl $7E1F49 : dw $0028
the second is the example that comes from it.
and i put this intead of the example:

db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF
db $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF

i just add one more row of "db $FF", i dont know why it works but
Hayashi Neru Link
Please Update SA-1
TheOrangeToad Link
nice patch but the sprites for this patch need to work PIXI.
Amomario123w Link
there are some glitch with the star item when you use it with AddMusicK.
when you use it in the overworld the star song plays and when you get in the level while you have star power none music plays, then the power end and the overworld song plays in the level
 MarioFanGamer Link
@h.carrel: Because you just inserted without looking at the readme.
You need to re-insert the patch and look at the command window. Asar prints "add_items is located at: $xxxxxx". $xxxxxx is the position of the subroutine which adds the item.
You need to change the address after !add_item to the one Asar has output.
h.carrell Link
chest does not finish the level it crashes the game
H.carrell on an ipad Link
When the patch is used try pressing select
@Mario Fan Gamer: Yeah, SRAM Plus fixed the first problem, and thanks.
 MarioFanGamer Link
@The Emerald Gamer: Probably because you don't use SRAM Plus and the treasure chest is a sprite, not a patch.
The actual inventory itself works fine, but all the item values are random- one time I'll boot up the rom and it has 4 mushrooms, and another time it'll have 12 mushrooms and an a random amount of flowers and feathers. (Stars, for whatever reason, stay at 0. I'm using the NSMBWii menu.) When I try to add the treasure chest, though, it says "missing org or freespace command" and then a bunch of numbers. Why is this?
CalebDavidMcgee Link
Won't work.