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100-Coin Roulette Reward

SMW Patches → 100-Coin Roulette Reward

Submission Details

Name: 100-Coin Roulette Reward
Author: leod
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch replaces the standard reward of a 1UP every time the player collects 100 coins with a little roulette that can give the player one out of an adjustable pool of rewards.
By default the rewards are a Mushroom, a slightly shorter Starman, a Fire Flower and a Feather.
However, these can easily be added to or edited, as long as you have the code for what you're trying to accomplish.

To use the reward in-game, the player has to first press a (adjustable) button to bring the roulette to a stop, and then can activate the reward whenever they want within a certain timespan, after which the powerup will start to fade and ultimately disappear.
It might be worth it to explain this in a message box somewhere near the beginning of your game.

Graphics are included, though they assume that you use Ladida's GFX DMA-er patch and even then still overwrite the flopping Cheep-Cheep (this can be edited to instead overwrite something else easily).
Tags: 100 coins 1up lorom luck needs remoderation powerup roulette slots
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
Download 12.28 KiB | 733 downloads


Comments (11)

GlitchyTSP Link
Anyone know if this works with SA-1?
Metal-yoshi Link
does not work with sprite dkc status bar
 Ondore's Lies Link
This is one of the best patches on the site.
Vitor Vilela Link
Nice patch. Approved and featured!

Note that the roulette can appear in mode 7 bosses, which is not a very good idea...

Specially if you get a star!

But since it's just this problem I found and anything else seems to be working good enough and the quality of this patch, I decided to approve it anyway. Still, I would like to see these fixed in a future update.
Nickelony Link
 K.T.B. Link
You are an amazing ASM'er.
Mogsiah Link
I love you
leod Author Link
It does, you just gotta put the code to give Mario one in the asm.
Trollope Link
Does this work with custom powerups?
 MarioFanGamer Link
@GHB: Right! O_O
HammerBrother Link
Mario kart item box!