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This Hack Needs a Name

Super Mario World Hacks → This Hack Needs a Name

Submission Details

Name: This Hack Needs a Name
Author: yeahman
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 117 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Hey, try out this hack! It should keep you busy for a while.

Warning for some mild language and crude humor.

-small changes and fixes
-less flashiness
-more surprises

3/3/2015: Whoops, I lied. THIS is the final revision. Enjoy!
Tags: less exgfx
Comments: 57 (jump to comments)
4.6 (44 ratings)
No rating
Download 727.66 KiB | 20,409 downloads


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Comments (57)

Cornholio309 Link
Definitely one of my new favorite 'traditional' Mario World ROM hacks! Beat it and recently got the ending. Skipped around a bit using some of the Secret Exits, but it's a fun time regardless and has a lot of creativity.

The story is incredibly dumb in an endearing way. You're given a pretty simple motivation with whatever entity is possessing the textbox wanting to be 'free', and the only way to free the entity is to go to the final castle and defeat the monster lying there. It's obvious this isn't the focus of the hack, but the way it's presented is great. Giving the textbox a personality that is with you throughout the game gives the hack a sense of companionship that not a whole lot of others have. Some of the dialog is pretty funny as well.

The real treat here is the level design. It feels like a really natural evolution of what vanilla Mario World was trying to do. You have a pretty standard first island, but then like the real Mario World it really opens up afterwards with a lot of alternative paths to help you reach the finale quicker. The difficulty escalation is really nicely done and the game only feels marginally harder than the original Mario World. I consider this a plus since I feel the original Mario World has a nearly perfect difficulty escalation. I never really found any of the levels unfair as a result. Said levels also have a nice variety of gimmicks and give you a lot to 'explore'. A nice example is one of the opening levels (Red Velvet Run) playing around with vertical scrolling quite a bit.
I adored the final world's 'Disco' theme and loved the level that played around with the palettes to create blocks that only flash briefly, forcing the player to memorize what's on them and plan accordingly.

Palette choices are also wonderful too. It gives each level it's own unique identity and very rarely feel as if they're 'repeated' or feel too similar to one another. There's a lot of eye-candy with the foregrounds, and a lot of those come from the Vanilla Mario World with palette changes! It's a really nice balance between Chocolate and Vanilla that feels really well thought out in it's choices.

The gimmicky 'large yellow' secret levels were neat too. It was a really nice surprise to see them rewarding things like giving the player a portable spring for beating them. Really my only complaint is the first one on the first island advertising that you could save anywhere. As far as I can tell, what the game actually means by this is that you can return to this level and really quickly beat it for what's essentially a 'free save'. It's neat, but slightly cumbersome since the player has to travel all the way back to the beginning of the map and the level is a bit too long to make it a simple 'save anywhere' ability. I still respect what it's trying to do though.

Very fun! Visually it's a step up from the original Mario World without feeling it goes overboard, and it really feels like it respects the original game's progression with it's own spins (again, huge yellow levels on the overworld). Definitely would recommend as a beginner's hack (you just beat the original game and want something extra). The humor in the hack is a very nice bonus too.

wolfgangisbestwolf Link
Very vanilla feeling hack in quality, themes and difficulty.
Some levels can be very fun, some can be skipped entirely with a cape, some are slow and boring.
The worlds themes are fun. Overall quite recommendable.
Main issues I have are the music choice is sometimes just wrong like overworld music on a spooky mountain or in a cave and the World 8 Castle Checkpoint which never seemed to go away locking the Expert World, edited the rom for that quite a shame.
mario6385 Link
this hack should be named "super mario run GENESIS".
AnkisethTheMonk Link
I really enjoyed this hack. It's pretty easy, even through the Special World. There's some creative levels, the ghost house in the Special World (Fright Star Land?) was great as were a bunch of others I forgot to write down. There's also some tedious levels with a lot of waiting. Danger Star Land (?) is an example of this. A good amount of levels use those ultra steep janky slopes, I really dislike these. "Steep Scoria" is one of the worst.

Secret exits are indicated well so I never found myself wondering "wtf do I go." I noticed a pipe that requires 117 exits. I have 116 exits on title screen, no clue where last exit may be, and shy of entering every level to check, I think I'll never know what's in that pipe.

Took ~7 hours to finish. Video of playthrough:
Ashman512 Link
they is no warnings i am very happy with this smw hack i love it#smw{<3}#smw{<3}#smw{<3}
franniel Link
Can i still put a name to this hack? Otherwise, this hack is so good!
Kabaro Link
The level design was definitely the highlight of this hack. Really well done, a bit on the easy side, but I still had a blast playing though this one.

Great job!
Juamnitro Link
i just got the green sphere. How do i save?
quickdraw86 Link
I really enjoyed this one. The end was... Strange, but, the hack as a whole is 5/5.
McCloud Link
Really fun to play. 5/5
niko Link
i miss hacks like these. this hack and marios amazing adventure are possibly one of the best smw hacks every made. the amount of effort putting in every level is just incredible.

a true masterpiece
Flying Dutchman Link
gonna gotta try!
videogamer939 Link
First game i ever played 10/10
Panther-T Link
Really awesome hack. Excellent level design and variety along with a nice mix of vanilla SMW with some flair. My only criticism is the lack of custom music in the main world. 5/5.
NGB Link
Literally every single sceenshot has something custom in it #tb{XD}
PalaceSwitcher Link
@Yatorius you need floating ips and an unmodified rom.
PalaceSwitcher Link
Really good hack. Strictly vanilla yet still creative. 8/10.
Kiatus Link
lol it gives me a black screen
TwitchMasta123 Link
This is a really great speedrun hack; I picked it up a few months ago and am working on optimizing the "No Starworld" and the "11 Exit, No Cape" categories right now.
Romano338 Link
Really nice hack
Yatorius Link
Make it .smc
barnaba Link
Enjoying this a lot (70 exits done so far). Some levels are annoying, yet some are brilliant. I love the star world - especially wet star land and fright star land - which is one of the best ghost house levels I've played.
willian125677 Link
I'm enjoying a lot this hack so far.
Just letting you all know that I found a weird bug in W3 map.
Basically, don't press to go left from this spot, otherwise you'll get stuck.

I didn't finish the hack yet, I'm still playing it. I might review it after some days.
PMH Link
This will be in top 3 best smw hack ever. 5/5. This hack is amazing!!! I like it.
mjbg Link
im having a problem though..
how can i play the world 8 castle again from the beggining? ive already beat it but whenever i try to play it again it start from the midway gate.. i really want to see whats in that path with spikes now that i have the star..
mjbg Link
Amazing hack. A bit on the easier side, but everything else is just amazing. Levels incredible well designed, you can see smb3 influence everywhere, even bits of its maps. ive enjoyed every minute playing it.

**** i usually dont like ghost houses much, and this hack have only few of them.. that said that ghost house from "Fright Star Land" is pure gold.. fkn amazing
MysteriousLizz Link
This is pretty awesome. It was the first hack I played all the way through, it was just the right difficulty, and the music was great too. I wish there was a sequel. :) Incredible job. Thanks so much for making this. Also wanted to add that I am epileptic and the flashiness didn't bother me any. ^_^
LexiNata Link
I have never successfully created any SMW hacks, but I'm reviewing this one based on my experience with it.
I understand that some people can't handle the flashing (there's a lot of that in this hack), especially epileptics, but somehow, the flashing effects didn't do anything to me, and I really liked them!
My favorite world is World 1. I love desserts lol, and the amount of creativity was shown throughout the entire world. It was just so pretty to me. I like how I can get Yoshi at the "Start" level. Speaking of Yoshi, I noticed that most of the levels required only Mario/Luigi. I love using Yoshi, so I wanted to comment on that. It isn't a big deal to me, I just noticed that.
I also really enjoyed World 4. I liked Sky World from SMB 3, so I should have known that I'd like this world, too. It was well-designed :) Well, all of the worlds were well-designed lol. I can tell that you worked your butt off with this hack... Considering the fact that you said yourself that it took a year to finish it.
Star World was the most difficult world out of all of them. I used a lot of savestates for most of the levels. I really liked Super Star Land, though, and of course, I enjoyed the music xD
Puffy Star Land's music reminded me of one of the Donkey Kong games on the SNES... I believe it was the 2nd one. Either way, it brought back a lot of memories and nostalgia. Colorful Castle was well... colorful. It was pretty awesome, to say the least. I'm not good with reviews Dx but I'm trying at least!
Expert World was boss... Singularity made me giggle. Oh yeah - that darn message box! I love how it has its own personality! It made me smile at times as well.
Getting to play mini levels after entering the first tunnel on Red Velvet Run was a huge plus in my book. I got to play 21 more levels after completing 117. My favorite mini level of them all is The Multiuniverse (even though it isn't so "mini"). It kinda gave me that feeling of that one episode of Family Guy when Stewie and Brian went to different universes - one of my favorite episodes, actually. Anyway, this is one of the best SMW hacks I have seen, and I watched ninja boy play a bunch of hacks!
Now that I'm done with the positives....
I want to point out some glitches and graphical errors (I don't know if I'm using that those words correctly).
In World 3, after I completed "Sinking Feeling" the first time, I thought that it unlocked the pipe, so I pressed left. Mario went somewhere else on the map, and I had to load a previous state to where I wouldn't make that mistake again. I don't know when will be the next time you log onto SWM Central, and I know that this was released over a year ago, but I just wanted to say that for anyone else coming onto this hack after me.
At the end of Ocean Interboo, if you hit the tape of the goal post, the entire screen glitches up... I don't know how to word it out correctly. For example, when I hit the tape, the boos turned into these weirdly striped boxes and the screen was striped up as well. It really bothered me, too (glitchy graphics have always bothered me badly). When you go back to the Overworld, it's just a mess lol. The extra items box disappears as well. However, if you just go through without touching the tape, nothing will happen... Kinda odd if you ask me.
There are a bunch of other glitches but I think that's mostly because Yoshi wasn't meant to be on a bunch of those levels. Oh yeah - the game crashes after the credits.
Other than those few problems, I rate this game a 5/5 stars :) Overall design is amazing, gameplay was aggravating at times but still pretty fun, huge amount of creativity, great selection of custom music, and is something I would recommend for any Super Mario fan to play! Excellent job!
LexiNata Link
Although I'm a year behind, I would suggest anyone to at least beat the hack before reviewing it. World 1 is supposed to be easy to beat, Woutersmits. Why not play through the whole game? It actually gets pretty hard later on. Maybe you should think before you type.
Green Jerry Link

Coal Ore from Minecraft!
MinecraftPro297 Link
Also, Woutersmits, don't say that because you obviously didn't read the game info. It says: Demo: NO
It says NO, not YES! So don't say things if you don't know what you're talking about.
MinecraftPro297 Link
I loved this game. I have 75 out of the 117 exits. I beat the game. It was very fun overall. There were some stressful points, but, it was an amazing hack! 1 thing though..... the game freezes after the "credits" -_-
djb1024 Link
I admit, the name (or, rather, lack thereof) was the main reason I gave this one a shot. And I definitely did not regret it!

This hack is incredibly fun. It does not deviate far from the classic SMW that we all know and love, and the level design is great. It has a great difficulty curve, starting out not too hard, then bringing the challenge on in a fun way. There is not much of a plot, but Mario is rarely about the plot; it's always been all about the gameplay, and the gameplay here is top notch.

The vortex level in the colorful world is definitely my favorite. The surprise item you get adds a great extra to the game.

If I could give this 50 stars I would. This is everything I look for in a SMW hack. Awesome job!
NatsuFireball Link
Yeahman, a BIG thank for this !

The map is very well designed, surprises are legion and levels themselves are very fun. Each world has a different well-thought theme, which is very fun to play. My favorite is World 1, Candy Land ^.^

The difficulty curve is OK, some levels are very hard at the end (especially Star World), but I figured out how to find the 117 exits without using the least savestate, which is my manner of playing and enjoying hacks.

I have just a little question about Pipe Dream level in World 2 : searching for a secret exit, I was able to fly until the very end on the screen, far behind the goal line, and I found some pipes, P switch and bonuses. It seems that it can be accessed through a pipe, but I couldn't figure out which pipe it was, having trying each. Is this a sort of bonus zone you finally wouldn't linked to the level itself ?

Besides, I have totally enjoyed this game, congratulations man !

10/10 Thank you !


MercuryPenny Link
Now to give this hack a decent review:

Having played through all 117 exits, I can definitely say I thoroughly enjoyed the entire hack the whole way through.

The levels have some really nice design that's definitely similar to the original game it's based off. Simple level gimmicks, a great difficulty curve, unique world themes and a unique plot makes this a really cool hack to play through.

Aesthetics never deviate from SMW's style, usually taking custom graphics from Super Mario All-Stars' SMB3 port. It's never unpleasant to look at, and keeps a single style throughout the whole thing.

Music...well, I would have preferred more custom music, but maybe that's just me.

Plot is consistently referenced at least once a world and the message box has a personality that's actually visible. A lot about the characters involved is left up to player interpretation - such as how the message box is able to
manipulate reality to his will
and what exactly the final boss is.

This is a memorable hack that's a ton of fun and very similar to the original SMW. I highly recommend at least giving it a shot - you definitely won't regret it.

90% (5/5)
Ezel Link
It ain't flat. Even if some are, a lot of levels have interesting gimmicks. It's actually a really good hack, IMO.
MercuryPenny Link
I love how you're complaining about it being flat when you've only played the first world.
Woutersmits Link
Did you not readed my post below
Why is this the demo
Well it loks full hack
117 exits
Its alot for an demo
But w1 its too short
W2 i busy with flying puzzle level
You requere to fly though the small jump area
Where i cant jump up
Even with flying its inposseble
You tell me it isnt flat ive beaten the first level in one time even 2nd level
Its too easy
Ahd flat
W1 its too easy for normal hack
Please read below good
I will stream monday evening
To xhow you
Its empty
Areas in there
Take a good look at it
One puzzle area ifs too flat on first forest level
Its emptu jump and run full with jumping on tree stronk
The rest you can Block the path
If you dont watch out
You cant. Go on
There's no reset door at all
Take a good look at it
And no ive beaten w1 i at w2 now
By the first forest level
You need realy to watch out otherwise yourve always trapped
I will show you monday
Renember to read my review good
I wish you good luck and enjoy yourzelf too

Aeon Link
Have you even played the whole hack? The only levels that could fit that are maybe the W1 levels, but they're still not what I would consider flat/boring.
MercuryPenny From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
(he submitted an update, so your reviews and ratings will be wiped if/when it gets accepted)
MercuryPenny Link
omg not flad, anything but flad

the horror
Woutersmits Link
levels are too short and flat as hell
first shorthest level too easy too beat too flat
blind ending there's no suprice afther all
its too flad empty
it isnt fun
is too easy
please change levels so its fun
not flad and empty
MercuryPenny Link
More surprises? I'm interested.
MarioBrotherL1UP From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
OK. This is one is definitely going on my LP list. It's loads of fun and the sprites are amazing. No doubt this is a five star hack.
MercuryPenny From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
EVERYONE: This hack is currently undergoing vote for featuring. If you have played through the hack or have already written a review, a few of us would appreciate it if you voted on it here by February 19th. Thanks!

EDIT: And it is featured!
Alexis From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
Well I want to review this hack even when I never submited one yet; but because I loved this hack and I have been playing it lots of times...

This is my first review... The hack is very good and I liked it too much because of mainly the design of the levels. They where well detailed and fun.

Also the story was quite nice... Setting free the one that's inside the message box. Many messages made me laught much too!

The overworld also was very interesting but in a hack I particularly don't mind much the overworld.

The level with the tides (on layer 3) had some slowdown but it occurs in almost all hacks with this layer 3 setup.

One bad point is, however, the "bosses" of the castles... Only using throw blocks to reach the end of the rooms? Even at the end were always a standard goal point, which doesn't fit very well on castles but it's only my view. That's the only thing I didn't like, anyway.

Other cool thing was that we could put some extra stuff in the item box! I love that, and my hack is gonna have that patch too. It would have been nicer if there were some extra items, thought. There were a few only.

Anyway, like I said at the beginning, I loved this hack, and give it a 9.
KOOPAOU812 From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
So i have found 99 exits but i cant figure out how to get to the final world, i have used the messagebox on the level "Mountain Star Land" and have gotten a (sort of) hint, but from then on i am lost. any hints?
MercuryPenny From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
doesen't work for me :C

Works fine for me, and I've been playing through the postgame content. You sure your ROM is clean?
teslablend From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
doesen't work for me :C
Virus610 From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
Severe epilepsy warning: There are many flashy stages in this game the closer you get to 100%. The postgame is obnoxiously flashy, and I would highly advise avoiding it if you are sensitive to flashing lights. Seriously, it's kind of ridiculous.

Overall, this hack left a positive impression on me. I would recommend it, but it isn't without its flaws. I'd like to leave a positive aftertaste with my review, so I'll start with the things that I feel are hurting the quality of the hack:

The Ungood:

1. The special item you get in world 7, while an amusing and interesting item, leads to some significant confusion if you use it in a stage where it isn't necessary. Left me looking for a secret exit in all the wrong places in one level. More importantly, the "Also, you may want to have a savestate or rewind key." is not something I want to see in a hack I'm playing. I don't care to be invited to use cheats to play your game without things being tedious. It'd be better to make it less of a chore to get the item again than to ask the player to cheat at your game.

2. The disabled Start+Select seems like a needless restriction that just slows the player down during the less enjoyable process of scouring the world for missed exits. Face it, if someone's gonna life farm, they're going to find a way. With the several top secret areas, it's not like leaving a stage with a powerup is going to give someone that much of an advantage. It just makes things more tedious, which is kind of a bummer.

3. The overworld pathing between star world and levels leading to them is quite misleading. In star world, if you don't have the secret exit, the path to the star (Even if you can walk it) isn't completely drawn. On the overworld, the path is drawn if you unlock it from star world, and this makes it super hard to tell was what the 1 exit that I was missing. Seriously. I wandered around for like 2 hours. That's no good. Not sure what you can do about this, but if there's anything, it would be hugely beneficial.

4. At the moment, there are still some flashiness issues that I could see posing a problem for people sensitive to that sort of thing. Namely: Clearing a stage in colorful land causes significant flashing and flickering during the fanfare. The environment is nice and all, but the flashing is really not. As of this moment, the current version available for download also features very significant fullscreen flashing in the stages 'Singularity' and 'Corrupted Castle'. This is especially flashy, and worthy of an epilepsy warning. I'm aware that changes to these stages have been made, and I'll remove this bit when the version available for download reflects these changes.

4b. Having finally found the exit I was unable to find, I played the 100% postgame - The flashing is obscene. This is absolutely 100% pure seizure material. I've put my flashy warning back in full force until that gets addressed.

The Middle of the Road:

1. Special world is, aside from a couple of stages, easier than most of the late game. Considering it says "EXPERT!" along the top, I felt kind of mislead.

The Good:

1. You used secret exits sparingly. Whenever it was that I got the secret exit for a stage, there was generally some value to it. A shortcut, a switch palace, etc. Your secret exits don't feel like filler, and that's a tough thing to pull off. Especially in a hack with so many exits. Very nice work there.

2. The bonus stages with special items were a nice touch. It's fun to be given various items to mess around with, and try to find unconventional solutions to some stages with. They definitely feel rewarding to visit at least once.

3. The level design as a whole is enjoyable. Worlds are themed, and the levels feel like a part of the world they are in. The stages play well, they are fair, and they are fun.

4. The audio and visuals are very nice. The game is pleasing to look at (Save for the few flashy areas) and listen to.

The Summary:

Even with the things I've mentioned that kind of hurt the hack's quality, it's definitely still a well done hack. It could be improved on, but despite its length, (Aside from getting lost with 116 exits) it definitely doesn't overstay its visit.

Nice work, I hope to see more from you in the future, hopefully with some consideration of some of my criticism.
Luigixhero From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
Names eh?

I'll think of some after I play it :D
stoke From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
I love the hack! Only problem i found so far is that I cant get out of levels that I already played by pushing START and SELECT.
Paddy From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
I have been playing this for the last 2 days, I have to say it is a pleasantly nice hack, I haven't really spotted anything wrong with it as such (I'm currently starting World 6 and have not played any of Star Road yet), it is a bit easy in places but apart from that it is a rather enjoyable hack to play. Nice to see one that is a full length game and not just one or two worlds. Well done.


I have now found the 99 standard exits, but cannot find the special /expert star world. I can see the blanked out star in Star World which will take me there but cannot find the hidden exit to take me there. I have tried the message box in every level of the game (annoying to have to do if I'm honest) and only one hints at me about the expert world, but when I follow it's hint, I'm still left clueless as to what to do... Anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers.
MercuryPenny From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
It did, actually.
Aeon From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
It probably works with this version as well.
yeahman Author From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
Only one way to find out, Mercury! (But I'm really not sure...)
MercuryPenny From older version: This Hack Needs a Name Link
Hey, sweet. I was going to point out the warp star problems. Think that my old .srm will work with this one?