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Details for Super Mario World: The 7 Elemental Yoshies
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Mario World: The 7 Elemental Yoshies Link - Show random
File Name: Super Mario World: The 7 Elemental Yoshies
Authors: RandomUser46
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Welcome to my hack download page.


Other than normal Yoshies, there are also very special Yoshies: Elemental Yoshies. These special Yoshies control the elements of the Mushroom Kingdom. The bad thing is that Bowser knew about them and kidnapped them.

This demo includes only World 1.

This hack doesn't have a timer.

In this hack you can do wall jumping.
Tags: less exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 2.3 (Votes: 4)
Download: Download - 199.72 KiB
mario and luigi


green = satisfactory
yellow = needs slight modifications
red = needs improvement

a hack from RandomUser46, this demo of The 7 Elemental Yoshies was decent, but it did have its issues which I will discuss here.

Rex's Plains: there are vines that are cutoff at the top. to fix this, you may want to create extended graphics to create an end tile for the vines. also in the same level, there is slight cutoff where there is a pipe with a piranha plant next to dirt decorations. when mario goes behind a certain tile next to the pipe, his outline appears behind it. finally, enemies such as koopas and piranha plants can go behind the decorations, causing unfairness and sudden/hidden hits. hidden enemies should never appear the first level of a game. the level design itself though was very straightforward though, so good job!

Autumn Forest: first of all, this level's background palette could use a bit of toning; try creating a gradient instead of choosing the palettes individually. this level was a follow-up to the first level, Rex's Plains. the player has to wall-jump to get atop of the cement blocks, which I thought was a nice concept to the level. however, though, cutoff vines still exist; but most importantly, I had to abandon my yoshi since I cannot use him to climb up vines. that upside-down volcano lotus plant, near the spot where I needed to use a p-switch, really took me by surprise though!
in my opinion, the green wall springs would look better if they were attached to a wall. if you do not want to add a wall, then try using jump blocks; you did so a few screens after this. not only that, but mario sometimes misses the wall spring and just falls down to his death. in terms of design, however, this level was also just as decent as the first one. great job!

Cursed Garden: I did not have much fun in this level, to be frank. this was mainly because of the bizarre behaviors of most of the tiles. while you did tell us in a message box that "things aren't as they seem," we still do not know what each block will act like (example: I am not sure if a door tile acts like a vine, lava, or if it is solid). so if I assume door tiles are solid at the top, I have been mistaken to find out they are not solid, causing an unfair death due to an incorrect guess (unless you use savestates to go back). what I recommend doing in this case would be to redesign the level based around certain tiles only. for example, door tiles can be found in one area, and you design the level in a way so that we know what it will act like (so that if door tiles are placed in midair, we will know they are solid blocks).
I died almost 5 times in this area due to not knowing that the door tiles were climbable vines. this level was a bit more confusing than fun. it also took me a long time to find out that at the end, the dragon coin in that area was actually a door, not to mention the 2nd half of the level was almost void of any enemies. please improve this level in your next demo!

NES Time: I had no general problems with this level. the design was good enough. the only issue I came across in this level was a cutoff corner tile on the pipe when it lies on top of a mountain tile (see the screenshots below). I am also assuming that the vine was there for decoration since it did not lead me anywhere...

The Black Night: other than the slight clashing of the dark black and bright white palettes and the level's shortness, it was not a bad level at all. what you can do to improve the level would be to increase it in length just a little bit and perhaps making it a little less flat around a few areas. other than that, the level's acceptable enough.

Yellow Switch Palace: nothing wrong with this level besides the switch palace in the overworld not being destroyed after destroying the switch. recheck your events, and make sure that the event makes the palace destroy after beating it.

#1 Iggy's Castle: while decent, the level's design could use a little work. in the 2nd section particularly, I noticed a bit of repetition and a slight lack of enemy use. try spicing up this level: try adding sprites in a clever, creative way; add decorations; and design the level around the new enemy setups. similar to the Yellow Switch Palace, the castle also did not destroy upon defeating iggy.

now, onto the more general review:

level design: except for Cursed Garden, the level design was not terrible at all. Rex's Plains and Autumn Forest felt a bit too similar to each other due to their respective foreground setup though, and Cursed Garden was poor due to the bizarre behaviors of most of the tiles.

overworld: first and foremost, the levels and layer 2 paths are all enabled from the beginning. for players to feel a sense of adventure (and to avoid confusion between cleared and uncleared levels), the layer 2 paths should be revealed after each level is beaten, and using invisible level tiles more often. in case you are not good at overworld editing, try looking up tutorials here, and on youtube, on overworld editing. also, NES Time had a secret exit, but the level tile was yellow and not red. disregard this if your overworld setup is intentional though.

grammar: the grammar in the text boxes, while still understandable, needed a bit of proofreading. try hiring beta testers and proofreaders to greatly improve your hack.

all in all, this hack is far from bad; just try fixing these issues, and the hack's score will definitely boost up! I am going to 3-star this hack.

total score: 6/10 (3/5) = 3 stars


the strange tile behavior; notice mario?

the background palette that needs fixing.

i had no idea that these were climbable until i pressed "up" after my 4th death.

mountain cutoff because of the pipe.
Posted by: mario and luigi - | Link

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