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Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness

Submission Details

Name: Shining Stars 2: Mirror Madness
Author: pieordie1
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 122 star(s)
Description: My second hack! This has 122 stars, new music and improved levels from SS1!
Video Link: Link
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
3.4 (8 ratings)
No rating
Download 6.92 MiB | 6,918 downloads


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Comments (5)

DJTeeJay Link
Compared to the version shown in this walkthrough the version uploaded here has some bugs:

1. Course 9: I got the 2nd star first. After that (maybe even also before???) it was impossible to get the 1st star. It was brown, and when I got it, the number of my stars didn't increase, and the game told me I had got the 2nd star again.

2. Course 13: I can't get the 1st star because the bumper on top of the cliff is missing. And that's why I can't get the 3rd star, too (because you need to choose the 3rd star for getting it).

3. Darkness Destination (order of the stars = order in the youtube-walkthrough):
- I can't get the 2nd star because I die before touching the bottom.
- I can't get the 3rd star because the music block on the chimney is missing.
- I can't get the 4th star because it's brown ("already got").

4. Skyway Kingdom Castle: There are also red coins in the 2nd part, and the star appears in the 1st part. But there is no way back except the red-coin-resetting way through the switch palace, so I can't get the star.

5. There is no way back from the last overworld except pressing start and choosing "exit course" in course 15 or Skyway Kingdom Castle.

One more difference: I got both stars from the 1st rabbit.

Please upload the fixed version also here.

I like the game, maybe especially the later courses could be more difficult.
MuffinTheAnimatronic Link
Your dream has come true. it is on
SuperZora Link
probably not, unless we get actual mods for the sm64 section
edit: damn a new mod, I guess they've seen this? OpieOP
Kazeshin Link
superzora's dream will never come true.
SuperZora Link
one day, maybe, this hack will reach the SM64 hacks section