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Details for Wario's Adventure
Super Mario World Hacks - Wario's Adventure
File Name: Wario's Adventure
Authors: Retrodeath
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 77 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Wario is again searching for a treasure to increase his wealth, so he travels unknown areas, fights with strange bosses and has a big adventure...

The Hack isn't too hard, especially in the first areas, but later you can get in serious trouble. ;)

I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

- bugfixes
- fixed sprite problem in Haunted Mansion [W3] and the boss in W4

PS: If there's sth wrong with it, please PM me.
Tags: gfx, music, wario
Rating: 3.6 (Votes: 14)
Download: Download - 1.05 MiB
So after 51h and 26min it's finally done i have beaten every single stage of this not that good romhack. First i want to Mention that not everything in this romhack was bad i actually enjoyed World 1-6. But than the leveldesign was just meant to kill the Player in redicilous way all the time to length the playtime i had like 30h at the beginning of Lava World and like every Level in that world takes around 1h-3h some more some less but it's just such a poor difficulty you have to try it out yourself to believe it. Those Firebros were on positions what just meant to get hit and spend like 5 tries to finally dont get hit to length the game! That's really not something you should do there would be better ways to go up in difficulty you could do kaizo as the last 2 Worlds that would be much better. I mean Lava themed kaizo Levels would be really fun and i sadly havent seen many of those! Than we come to the Space World what blows out bullshit levels like the second Level (At The Space Lab) was the hardest, and most redicioules one, collect all coins in a full map Level it was really dumb with those homing bullets! Generally you should never ever use homing bullet in any romhack those sucks. Also those mega man enemy asm really sucks the hitbox of those bullets are more than questionable! Like the Barrel Level was kinda fun it only took me 20min it was dumb but fun at the same time like idk it was kinda unique so i won't hate it. Than The Final Level is also mentionable i think it would be a great end for this romhack if you would just put another checkpoint directly before the masterhand bossfight cause in the Standard of now you have to beat like 2 big maps before actually getting to the bossfight and directly before the bossfight there are 2 bullet launchers like that placed that it's safe that you get hit and have to fight against Master Hand with small wario and you know that can't end well it took me actually 5h to beat this stage cause of that. Don't Need to fix anything i just want to give you tips in case you will ever do a romhack again. I mean you have good Knowledge of Backgrounds own sprites adding asms and even the overworlds were really good but on Level design you have to improve it must be really good but just not that RNG heavy how the firebros in World 7 for example react. Thank you for making this hack i guess? I mean in the first Worlds i really had fun with it just later you went a Little over the top! Keep the work up! Hopefully your next hack won't take me 50h+ #smrpg{haha}
Posted by: Skystarmania - | Link
How is this not Very Hard? Wtf
Posted by: Skystarmania - | Link
esta hack é muito bem feita
Posted by: MarcoAMW - | Link
Not really good hack.
At first the hack look's good.
But moreover you advancing, more the hack is boring and too hard.

I personally stopped to playing at the world 6 because the hack became really boring at this place.


Posted by: Aurel509 - | Link
The lack of power-ups apart from a mushroom (garlic) make this rather boring. You just run and jump and a lot of the time there is too much open space or the level is too cluttered. You need to include an array of powerups and some better level design. Plus, if you find the airship in W4 map, it takes you to a place where there is nothing to do, only see the credits or enter undefined test levels. You need to fix that. Also can't progress after Winter Wonderland 2. Nothing happens when the level is completed. There is a key and lock in Winter Wonderland 1 (even though the stage is coloured yellow) but it leads to an unmarked part of the map and entering the 'level' just warps you back to the start of the game and you have to walk all the way back to W6.

It has potential, but most of the time playing it I was either bored or downright angry at some of the levels. They weren't hard, they were downright unfair in some of the placements of blocks, enemies etc. that you had to have pinpoint accuracy to pass. Even with rewinding or save stating I was still infuriated with some of these levels. I kept playing thinking that it would improve if I gave it a chance. It didn't sadly. Which is a real shame.
Posted by: Paddy - | Link
What is the music in level "the final"?
Posted by: ForthRightMC - | Link
It's cool to finally see a hack that uses my Wario Dash patch! Haven't played much, but I'm kind of agreeing with what the others are saying. A bit more polish could go a long way.
Posted by:  K3fka - | Link
First, me likes the Wario Character, there should be more Wario Hakcs instead of the planned CoD...
It has the "new" sidebar as seen in Gamma V's hack recently.

Me have to agree to Eternity, its a normal hack with much room to improve.
Yes, the levels sometimes are repetitive and some difficult, but me have found other more "important" things.

* You say 2x that there is a treasure in each castle and the final level and you have to beat the boss to get it. But after the boss you directly return to the overworld, so where is this mysterious treasure?

* If you use those "airship" shortcuts, you can "play" the credits level, even its invisible and without playing the final level.

* "Winterwonderland 1" has a key and keyhole, yet is a "yellow" level on map. The "secret exit" leads to an undefined point on the map and then back to the starting point.

* Why is there the earth quake sequence after the first level in World 7?

* In your readme file it says there is a hidden door after the Boss in castle 7, but it can be used already without beating Wart.

* In the last world, Level "Lost Reactor", you have to get a key to the keyhole. But this doesnt advance, you have to build in a normal exit to get further.

Tipp: Contact FPI and/or Ice Man on how to make a good german SMW Hack :P

Rating: 1/5
Posted by: Alcazar - | Link
This was a hard one. There's almost enough to make me reject it, but I ended up considering it a borderline approval. There's nothing actually "wrong" with it for the most part, but the design gets boring fast due to the lack of variety. Every level feels like the exact same as other levels in that world, which drags this down a lot. The design has some potential, with a few interesting setups here and there, but due to the occasional weirdness and a few unfair sections it falls short.

Those last worlds were a bit insane, and for all the wrong reasons. Doing shelljumps near insta-kill spikes and having it so that you can still pick the shell after that to throw it at some turn blocks isn't what I would call good difficulty - that particular section was very out of place. The other levels were just too cluttered to be fun.

Otherwise the hack's not bad, even if very generic and unmemorable. Could really use a lot more polishing though, as I said before.

1/5 stars.
Posted by:  Aeon - | Link

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