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Super Mario World - Faceless Mario

SMW Graphics → Super Mario World - Faceless Mario

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World - Faceless Mario
Author: Face
Type: Original
Purpose: Player
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: Super Mario World Mario (...and Luigi) GFX, just missing one minor thing; a face.

-Includes Overworld frames

-No palette editing necessary (Uses standard SMW palette)

-Does not act out Post-Castle cutscenes (Feel free to request)

-Great for those who love Mario, but hate his face

Tags: male needs remoderation
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
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Comments (18)

Diego13 Link
Please make Faceless Luigi.
 Niko0902 Link
Nightmare fuel
Koop the Koopa Link
Oh hell no!
Pitchin' Luigi Link
Get it? Because his name is Face!
kmc3 Link
"Oooh, very scary!"
UTF Link
wow, somehow haven't seen this before. i'd love to see a hack that suddenly swaps out mario's graphics with these faceless graphics for a single level. would be a good surprise!
Imnever Link
Heh, I guess this explains the Creator of this GFX's Name. xD
Raio Link
Mario1989 Link
lol, sounds good for a slender man hack
danwaleby Link
slakkmichael Link
Slenders brother
Face Author Link
Probably because it was more tedious and time consuming to make than it looks from the outside. Though, I wouldn't know what went into making it or anything.
 SafeDesire Link
Such a simple edit, don't understand why this was accepted.
starlett Link
This would go well as a scary game, it is pretty creepy
GageThornton Link
HammerBrother Link
well, at least its not as bad as gaara's when half of his face is transformed into shukaku and making a sinister grin, especially when he jumps to attack sasuke (like he's saying "wanna play?", oh god, its scarier than a doll with both its eyeballs all black:

I dunno how to resize this).

Mod edit: Then just link it.
Dr. Tapeworm Link
it's like that one episode of super mario bros super show where they forgot to animate a one-shot indiana jones expy's face
 Aram Link
Whoa (~)
..this is atually creepy.

I can't really comment much on this since it's just Mario without a face.