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The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

Submission Details

Name: The 8th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack
Author: SMW Central
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 121 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is SMW Central's third completed collaboration hack based off of the 2015 Vanilla Level Design Contest (VLDC.) It contains 95 levels which you can play in any order you wish - all of them are open from the start except for the secret world, which is unlocked by completing every exit in the game (please read Release Notes.txt for a few more details).

Note that the hack autosaves after each completed level, and "marks off" levels as you beat them with a checkmark icon. Really good things come to those who are completionists...


Read the "Release Notes" included with the hack patch. It IS important for you.
Tags: collaboration sa-1 vanilla variety
Comments: 50 (jump to comments)
4.6 (91 ratings)
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Comments (50)

Satu Link
Nada além de perfeição em minha tela, um beijo ao criador!
Kuldeep90908080 Link
Hellokuldeep sir i am interested in your job to the money collect now
 DeppySlide Link
Full review here:
brickblock369 Link
Originally posted by erpster2
does anybody know the BG musics of these levels of VLDC8?

Waterflow Temple
Cakewalk Cavern
Starlight Shore

Hydrothermal Hollow composed by Lui
Kirby's Adventure - Rainbow Resort
Fortress 2 Blue - Be Higher
SirMystic Link
Hack does not save properly on SNES classic making hack an absolute bitch to complete.
erpster2 Link
does anybody know the BG musics of these levels of VLDC8?

Waterflow Temple
Cakewalk Cavern
Starlight Shore
SomeGuy712x Link
I was just co-op playing this with someone else, but encountered a problem where Luigi can't successfully reach the Special World once it's unlocked. Details in this video here:
Minish Yoshi Link
A great example of showing how difficult good level design is. A pain to 100% complete, but does a great job of showing people what you should make and what you shouldn't.
FailSandwich Link
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I'll try downloading this again. The only trouble that I have with this hack is that is plays at less than 60fps, so continuously it freezes every few seconds.
isaacrmhmd Link
SamuelelCrack52 Link
Wow Great #smw{^_^} do another game
Chwee Link
Chwee Link,550x550,075,f.jpg
Activisor Link
I really love this hack
Activisor Link
I really love this hack
werd Link
finished the whole hack lots of very good levels and the average ones where not to bad but variety path lets down the whole experience a bit shame that has two check marks but still good overall.
Quantix Link
there is no way to avoid that tragedy
werd Link
Any way to get to world x without getting both exits on variety path like a level that had two exits but is marked as one the normal exit in variety path really really sucks. It would be great if there was😄
Very well designed maps and great ost!
KalEl Link
This hack is amazing, congratulations for this beatiful work.
hahopone Link
Was in a thRead or topic I do not know the exact name of the forum and spoke who wanted to release the COMPILATION VLDC2 VLDC3 VLDC4 VLDC5 VLDC6, and, then, if that will be successful so be it, I played with VLDC1, VLDC7 and VLDC8
Lumy Link
Originally posted by hahopone
VLDC2 compilation when it will be released?

#smw{-_-2} It's not even in development, and it's not in the plans either. Really, look things through before asking these questions.
hahopone Link
VLDC2 compilation when it will be released?
lion Link
Originally posted by hahopone
I love compilation VLDC,Why VLDC9 it has not yet been released?

It's in development, please be patient.
hahopone Link
I love compilation VLDC,Why VLDC9 it has not yet been released?
Green Jerry Link
Nice hack! 5/5
I'm currently trying to beat the entire hack, getting every exit & yoshi coins. I've completed the grass world, the worst world and some other levels.
H.carrell on an ipad Link
This is here just in cast u want flying munchers

insert GFX33 and u r done
SoapAgent Link
The title screen level was enough to sell me on this (figuratively speaking). Thank you for releasing this, SMWC; I can tell lots of effort was put into this hack.
MarioFanboy Link
I HONESTLY LOVE THIS HACK The music is awesome! The Levl designis amazing! the only problem I have with this is that you dont keep your power up when you go to the next level. other than that its awesome
yepi43 Link
how would you post a level for 2016 vldc?
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Sandwichapple
This hacks looks amazing. But sadly whenever I try patching the IPS on the game I keep getting a black screen. AM I doing something wrong?

1. Your Super Mario World ROM might be broken (corrupt), unclean or unheadered.
2. You're using an wrong emulator.
3. You downloaded a wrong Super Mario World ROM like the Japanese or the European ROM. You need the USA ROM.
4. You patched the ips with a edited ROM.
Sandwichapple Link
This hacks looks amazing. But sadly whenever I try patching the IPS on the game I keep getting a black screen. AM I doing something wrong?
markfrizb Link
Hi again,
After much effort, we almost have the game working on real SA1 hardware.
There is currently an overworld map issue that needs to be fixed. So it's not quite ready for real hardware but it's getting close.
gta_hawk Link
How play vanilla level design contest 8 with ZSNES
Perfecto Link
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this magnificent project.
 NinCollin Link
Love the variations of levels
Infinite8_ Link
So this post was originally me complaining about my issues getting this working. Turned out I was just using an unheadered ROM.

So this hack is pretty amazing. The levels I've played so far [the entire grass area and some of the caves] are well designed for the most part. Out of the ~20 levels I've played so far there's only been one or two misses or levels I didn't like.

The graphics are good. The custom assets/recolors fit in well with the artstyle, and it all goes together well.

As someone who is music obsessed, so I'm going to give a wall of text on the music in this hack. I've played a few SMW hacks before, and the music used the SMW instruments in a believable way. But this hack is just nuts. There's a lot of complexity and instruments/sounds I've never heard in an SMW hack before. The compositions are amazing, and I've heard covers from a variety of games and what I believe to be originals too. I think I heard a song from Tyrian in here somewhere, I heard an amazingly accurate rendition of Geothermal from Cave Story, and various remixes of SMW songs.

Overall I really like this one. The fact that it's a collab hack makes it feel like SMWCP, but without any of the major issues I had with SMWCP. Whenever the next one happens, I'm definitely going to participate.
 S.N.N. Link
Nice to know that there is no cart (flash or real) that will play this hack (sarcasm).

I do believe HuFlungDu is currently working on a version that works on real hardware, so stay tuned.
markfrizb Link
Does this hack require 256K sram or 64K?

Edit: Never mind. I see that the emulator creates a 1mbit (128K) srm file. I can firmly say that this will NOT work on real hardware. I have tested it on real hardware with every variation of SA1 carts. I even upgraded the SRAM to 1Mbit (128k) to see if that was the issue. Nice to know that there is no cart (flash or real) that will play this hack (sarcasm).
Vitor Vilela Link
Without SA-1 some levels would be unplayable/laggy as hell and pretty much 50% of OW effects wouldn't work, specially X world events and map.

I'd suggest you appealing to the sd2snes creator add SA-1 support.
MercuryPenny Link
It's mostly because it was available. It allows people to have 20 sprites on-screen at once and most people just use emulators anyway so they saw more pros than cons.

HuFlungDu I think was planning on making a version that didn't use SA-1, but I don't think that ever came to fruition.
markfrizb Link
I see. So only SA1 carts can use this hack or emulators of course. WHY was this hack designed for the SA1? I don't see the benefit if it limits you on how you can play it....
MercuryPenny Link
I tried it on real hardware, didn't work :(

It requires the SA-1 chip, which most flashcarts don't have, and I don't think any cartridge hacks will include an SA-1 chip.
markfrizb Link
I tried it on real hardware, didn't work :(
thereturnofdoritosxD Link
For some reason, I get a bad ROM error on any emulator. SNES9X, BSNES, and ZSNES.

Dunno what I'm doing wrong.
 Ringo Link
I wish you guys at least would read important information included in hacks, like release notes or a ReadMe so you'd know if the hack breaks in a specific old emulator or not, which is the case with this one.

Also edited the description of the hack a little bit.
shutupmario12 Link
This collab Hack is very nice and fantastic but it has a problem.
The game suddenly crash for no reason or game stops and go back to title screen.
Link :
Kaisaan Link
Can't believe that this hack has 109 exits! (Plus 10)
lewon.x Link
this is very good hack.most of the levels is good.
here my top 10 favorite and worst levels in this hack.
10.yoshi's starvation.wall of hungry yoshies and level inside a yoshi
i love this.
9.monocloud castle.grafic and level design is good.the part where catle falling is awesome.
8.cromatic palace.good grafic,best music in this hack.
7.abandoned mine.good grafic,good level design.
6.the podobooru.good grafic and level design.
5.chasm of scales.awesome grafic,good level design.platforms desroying blocks its really good idea.
4.searing stronghold.good grafic and best boss fight in this hack.
3.matrix grafic in this hack and awesome level design.
2.archaic art archive.awesome level design,awesome grafic,new enemy.
honorable mentions:ship ruins,crystal reef garden,waterflow temple,zone 434,somber sepia,nephe court,throw block heaven,castle collapse.
1.the pow perspective.normal grafic,normal music.why this number 1?BEST LEVEL DESIGN.p switch makes invisible things visible i love this idea,i love this level.
10.chai tea.short and boring.
9.lake in a mountain.boring.
8.sea side course.midpoint in beginning of the level,water on background looks horrible.
7.cave of wall one place bad grafic,in one place problems with climbing,goal is too high. offs. does moles.cut offs.
4.epic nothing.nothing.
3.fez 2.this level is just a terribble idea.
2.a vanilla level.worst grafic in this hack,short.
honorable mentions:variety path,mariyolo adventure,night of fire. ice.cut offs,flying chucks,you just fall into the ground.
sorry for bad english.