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A Kaizo Adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → A Kaizo Adventure

Submission Details

Name: A Kaizo Adventure
Author: GbreezeSunset
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: A Kaizo Adventure is a one level, easy-difficulty kaizo hack with custom graphics, sprites, and music. It contains 5 dragon coins for the player to collect and a hidden secret exit. The difficulty should be easy enough for beginner kaizo players, and even works as a first kaizo hack! The level features both a desert and a cavern portion, and unique traps in each one.

Credit is included in the ReadMe. I hope you enjoy this short kaizo hack!
Tags: asm less exgfx music no boss traditional
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.4 (22 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (14)

Disk Poppy Link
I agree with the author it's garbage, it has aged really badly - no flow to it, and is simply unfun
Azula16 Link
I loved! It took me about 6 hours but it's a matter of memorizing. Recommended if you want to remember the suffering of the first kaizos.
GbreezeSunset Author Link
Please do not download or play this garbage hack, it is not worth your time. Thanks for the compliance
Keith1337 Link
This hack its very short but very cool! He its much good-worked than much hacks, as well, this is a good hack that every kaizo player should play, 5 stars...
kaitri Link
i would rate this as hard, MAYBE very hard but i finished the whole hack with 1 savestate. which was at the midway point.

the secret exit is not really that secret, i wanted to go for a yoshi coin and well found the secret exit.

yet i really enjoyed this hack. the level looked really great and the gameplay was fluent, no parts that were really hard.

TheBiob Link
Originally posted by jaozinho
help me

You just spinjump onto the pokey...

As far as I know the spinjump button must be held for 2 frames or less. yay

Basically just do a very low spinjump, it's possible.
or do a jump canc... wait wrong game
jaozinho Link
help me
Mushroom1228 Link
Played through it, was just the right difficulty for me (I needed to use a few savestates since the checkpoints were rather far away), and it's fun too. I will definitely play your other hacks.
Vitor I.S Link
Very good hack, not is so hard but no is easy! :D
Pedro156 Link
Very good hack!
ft029 Link
I think this level is way too long to be "easy-difficulty kaizo"
lyscy Link
I'll make a TAS of this, looks fun
Kaisaan Link
This is actually great!
 Aram Link
I've got to try this hack out!