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Bluewater Kingdom

Super Mario World Hacks → Bluewater Kingdom

Submission Details

Name: Bluewater Kingdom
Author: Nic Nac
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Bluewater Kingdom is a hack I've started a few years ago with the aim to finish a complete hack. Although I couldn't reach this goal yet, I finally decided to wrap it up and release the project.

The hack features

- 3 worlds containing a total of 21 levels
- a nice variety of themes
- creative level design
- custom graphics, music, sprites, bosses
- a beautiful and detailed overworld

Have fun playing!
Tags: asm bosses exgfx music variety
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
3.3 (7 ratings)
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Comments (3)

S.R.H. Link
Aren't there 23 exits? I even tried looking at LM and there are 23 exits.
Ringo Link
Honestly enough, I didn't enjoy your hack at all. By the screenshots I really thought this hack's overall quality would be above decent ones hosted on the site, yet there were a significant amount of issues that could've been fixed by just properly testing your hack before submitting.

The issues found were the same Erik557 reported, and additionally some others.

These being..
- This one was kinda hard to replicate (just as it's hard to me explain it): it seems that staying at the left side of this flying platform makes it push you to the previous screen, and walking forward shows these garbage tiles. They seem to be gone once you're not on the screen they appear.

- Sure, if you're small this flying question block is useful but when you're already big.. not really. You could lower this a little bit, or move it to spawn a feather instead.

- Personally, this isn't a very good jump to perform. You'll most likely die trying, which is not really worth of.

- It'd make more sense if the water had priority over the foreground, like in the previous section of the level.

- Cutoff.

- Glitchy dragon coin.

- Little complaint: the numbers don't look very visible since they share the same palette with the background. I know it's an annoying job to fix it since you'd have to move the palettes of the background to another slot, so to do with the foreground .. but if possible, it'd be great.

- Sprite header issues.

- Do NOT use the castle stone tiles from the very first page of Map16. They're meant to be passable for the castle entrance cutscene. Use the castle stone tiles from the next page.

- Although the player is able to not get stuck by pressing A in that low ceiling space (if he's lucky), I'd definitely rework on this screen.

- Uhh..

- Don't place coins above question blocks; when you hit them with the coin still above them, it'll cause the coin to leave behind an invisible solid block if the block below is hit.

If you insist on leaving the coin there, at least consider applying this hex-edit:
11547 $02:9347 3 bytes ASM Change to [20 E2 FF], and change $02FFE2 from FF FF FF FF FF to A9 02 4C BA 91, to fix the glitch where placing a coin above a ? block or turn block will cause the coin to leave behind an invisible solid block if the block below is hit.

- Cutoff at the bottom of the background.

- A reason why there shouldn't be a layer 3 smasher in this room.

- Also beating the last level of the hack leads me to this part of the first submap, which has no level set in to play, which so will lead me to the endless bonus game.

Hell yeah, definitely more issues than I expected since the hack looked so polished by the screenshots. Also I want to note that "Earth Temple" isn't a good level because layer 3 smashers that hit you OUT OF NOWHERE leads you to unfair situations. You'll notice that most of time the ceiling is high enough to cover the smashes, so they'll just hit you like that by surprise!

This hack was okay I guess. I'm disappointed by the amount of issues found, because this has potential to be more enjoyable.
 Erik Link
Levels: 9/10
The hack was awesome! The only problems were clashing graphics and some
problems that I'll post below, the level design was fine and fun. But I think you abused a little bit the P-switch and the ON/OFF switch.

Graphics: 9/10
There are some good selections, but sometimes the background clashes.

Music: 10/10
No problems, nice selections.

ASM: 8/10
Nothing fancy. Some bosses can be tedious, though.

Overworld: 10/10
Awesome, specially your first submap.

TOTAL: 9/10 or 4.5/5 ★

Very good hack! It's surprising that this is a demo; will look forward to the full release.

Some issues
-Here you can get stuck if you're small.
-Same here.
-Fix the color ofthis box.
-Lower those blocks and this area.
-BG cuts off.
-Forgot to enable sprite buoyancy here.
-Something damaged me there
-This door takes me to level 0.