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Super Dram World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Dram World

Submission Details

Name: Super Dram World
Author: PangaeaPanga
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Current version: 1.2
- fixes an invisible net climbing glitch in level 7
- removes one invisible coin block in the last special world level
- renames level 6 to the correct name

Previous versions: 1.1
- An easier lava dolphin room in level 5.


Dedicated to one of the most prolific Super Mario World speedruners, Dram55.

This hack features 19 levels which do their best at re-creating Kaizo-esque level design and difficulty. There are also no game overs, as there are unlimited lives.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!
Tags: glitch vanilla
Comments: 25 (jump to comments)
4.4 (31 ratings)
No rating
Download 699.98 KiB | 39,589 downloads


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Comments (25)

PaneraBred64 Link
One of the top hacks of all time, beautifully made, especially for 2015. It is THE hack that makes you improve not just at kaizo, but at video games in general. Every kaizo block was crushing, but every time a level was beaten, it was very satisfying. I recommend this for anyone wanting to get into Mario ROM hacks in general. Nice hack, Panga.
Deivid Borba Link
I dont know if you realise, but... check it out:
DrSheriff Link
panga youre a genius
Holy Shinx Link
It's like kaizo mario 1.5, kinda evil, but I kinda enjoyed it
Lightplay Link
Overall very enjoyable, tough levels with stuff that, as a kaizo noob, took me quite a lot of learning but I appreciated doing so. The only negatives I have is the chuck that doesn't like to spawn for me in bridge of butter 35 second half and there is a LOT of kaizo blocks, I either liked or didn't mind the majority of them but if you are someone who doesn't want to see a lot kaizo blocks I can see a lot more frustration.
DeathstrokeMeGently Link
I downloaded this but it only gives me a bps file, how do I make this work so I can play the rom?
GrandMasterLynx Link
It starts me over the Thwomp can’t get past the Intro
SirAuron17 Link
Love this game. Got it complete minus that damn butthole.
lesseri Link
when i download i dont get the files i need to patch
miner50 Link
Unpushplay push the left and right arrow keys for Mario's movement repeatedly.I hope this helped !
unpushplay Link
When i start the game it just starts me over a thwomp then follows with a time up screen then repeats. It starts with a menu screen for a few seconds then just repeats this. Please help.
carlos.esparza Link
alguien que me pase el juego listo para jugar no se como parcharlo ni usar el rom clean ya lo intente y no puedo
juzcook Link
I dove head first into this hack almost a year ago without knowing SMW physics. While it might look easy seeing someone speedrun it, the first playthrough will hurt as you discover EVERY. SINGLE. KAIZO BLOCK. Haha, totally good fun though. Great hack Panga!
HOPES11 Link
How do I get it to work I have a this and the rom what do I need to get it work
rom_hacker_f00 Link
This hack is awesome!
Skeeter135 Link
Amazing Hack! That stupid Chuck will not spawn for me in Bridge of Butter 35.
kiki79250 Link
commen sa se fait que sur le niveau d'entrée (C5) mario meurt sur un thwompet j'ai bon martiériser la touche de spin jump... mais mario meurt...
 Erik Link
Descárgate el ROMclean (esta en la sección tools) y un ROM de super mario world (busca en Google), arrastra el rom a el ROMclean, y entonces parchea el juego con Floating IPS. Debe funcionar después de esos pasos.
carlos.esparza Link
como le hago para que funcionen los juegos los descargo y no inician tengo el emulador snes9x
As I do so that the games of discharge work and do not start I have the snes9x emulator
Black60Dragon Link
Amazing Hack! Very great job at recreating Kaizo World, but with a bunch of new and really fun challenges. The only thing that absolutely annoyed me was Bridge of Butter 35. 9/10 times the Diggin' Chuck doesn't spawn making it impossible to beat, and when it finally does, half of the time the next rope doesn't spawn, again making it impossible. Aside from that major flaw I greatly enjoyed this hack and would definitely recommend it.
TheBiob Link
Originally posted by Fbn
Which emulator do you use for this rom? I tried zsnesw , it didnt work though :(

This isn't a rom. This is only a patch for the rom use this tool to apply the patch to a clean rom.
Fbn Link
Which emulator do you use for this rom? I tried zsnesw , it didnt work though :(
rextep Link
I almost beat the first level on my first try blind but then i died to a shitty gay invincible copin block. BS fuckin dropped X^D
NewK00paUSA Link
Fantastic hack. Every level has a clever design and are fun to beat. Some of them were annoying, but not too much to be aggravating (except the invisible coin blocks). The infinite lives scheme, however, seems really pointless if you use save states, which i'm sure 99% of everyone is going to use. Other than that, awesome job on the hack X^D
GbreezeSunset Link
I just finished it, and it's a really great hack!! It really recreates Kaizo well. I did notice that one of the levels in the special world may give people some problems though... (I used savestates by the way).