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Super Mario World Hacks → Ilusiyellow?

Submission Details

Name: Ilusiyellow?
Author: Leo137
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Help Mario to cross the evil garden... what dangers will await for him? or sort of?

Little proyect made in 2011... kind of a memorial now

Hello SMWC :)
Tags: asm exgfx gimmick music spanish
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
3.2 (12 ratings)
No rating
Download 148.83 KiB | 1,242 downloads


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Comments (7)

Andyana Jonseph Link
This is... what?
HammerBrother Link
The name reminds me of the layer 3 tiles that you open yychr and see a "string" in smw font (after you change the gfx format so it's not garbage).
mynoduerf Link
Same story as dggonzalz for me as well!

Very funny hack, what a trip! If I had to classify this, I would just call it a stoner hack. LOL.

The only downsides, like dggonzalz said, are the weird hitboxes on the enemies.

I give it 4-5 stars for fantastic humor and promising stage design. :)
Diego Link
Heheheheheh. Of the eight years I've been hacking SMW and of the six I've known SMWCentral, I have never posted a comment on a hack before.

I must say that the idea of using realistic animal sprites in this hack was really original. Never seen that before. Even though it was only one level, I really enjoyed playing through it.

My only pet peeves (no pun intended there xD) with this hack is that sometimes the dog's biting attack is nearly impossible to avoid, and that if I try playing the game again, the dog doesn't show up anymore.

And I'd say this hack definitely has some replay value. Really good hack you've got going on here. #smw{:TUP:}
Masterlink Link
Oh! Recuerdo este hack! Fue para el concurso chocolate que se hizo en el subforo de Español.

To everyone else: Sorry for the Spanish comment, I just had to :P
 Leo137 Author Link
Hi S.R.H.. I'm glad you liked it :)
In spite of things for me right now (real life issues), i'm not entirely sure of being pretty active here. However, i would like to showcase some of the proyects i made in my years of SMW hacking, i have an 5-world demo of a hack that is worth playing even if isn't finished. If i can set up my tools again, i'll try to make a proper ending for it and upload it here.
S.R.H. Link
Hahaha, I like this. I find the idea of realistic sprites interesting and funny.
Overall, this could use some work, but it's a funny hack and worth a shot.
Also, welcome back to SMWC! Are you here just for a few days, or are you back for real?