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Super Mario Quest

Hacks de Super Mario World → Super Mario Quest

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Super Mario Quest
Autor: Miku
Demonstração: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Duração: 19 exit(s)
Tipo: Padrão: Normal
Descrição: Travel through many interesting worlds such as Bandland, Cake land and many more!

~moderators note, The sound effects in Season fever are a little weird but it doesn't take away from the hack~
Marcadores: exgfx music traditional
Comentários: 8 (pular para comentários)
3,8 (12 avaliações)
Sem avaliações
Download 280,33 KiB | 2.060 downloads

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Comentários (8)

H.carrell on an ipad Link
what if you make a super Mario quest 2
Miku Author Link
Thanks to everyone that has commented I appricate it, I realise this hack isnt the greatest and hope to fix the problems for my new hack(,Po's adventure neko burst).

mallowking Link
generic name but good hack
SketchNI Link
I quite liked this hack. It's good for a quick playthrough.
MercuryPenny Link
I expected more out of this hack, perhaps a little more...polish?

The levels seem to rely a bit too much on generators, or one-tile platform jumps, or sometimes tight, claustrophobic corridors. The overall experience felt overall pretty empty and unmemorable. Also space is an ocean and you breath bubbles

Graphics are pretty okay for the most part, but backgrounds, minimalistic though they are, drop out completely about halfway through making the hack look even less interesting. The graphics are pretty decent mostly, but a few tilesets are pretty bland or monotonous.

I also am not entirely sure if your music choices are all fitting, though I really have nothing to contribute in this department.

Generally this hack felt pretty bland, but was a good way to kill a half hour. 50%, or 3/5.
 Erik Link
ignore him. he does not know how to review
Miku Author Link
Woutersmits, sorry what are saying?
Woutersmits Link
too bed flad completed too fast the levels