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Song Title


    Super Mario 3D World - World Bowser

    SMW Music → Super Mario 3D World - World Bowser

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    Comments (9)

    Noah_aka_Feldi Link
    This song is reeeaaalllyyy good, but I had a lot of issues to add it to my rom...
    Galeth Link
    aaaaaAAAAAAaAAaaAaaAAAaAAAaAA #smw{@_@}
    KazakhGuy Link
    MilkyMooer Link
    IronFoxGaming Link
    The port doesn't want to work with AMK, but it works with SNES SPC7000 Player. Other than that, it's amazing!
    S.R.H. Link
    Wow. This is very high quality, great work.
    ggamer77 Link
    Wow. Great job on this!
    Pinci Author Link
    Updated, thanks mercury lol
    MercuryPenny Link
    You're missing a small part of channels #0 and #1 at 0:19.

    Other than that, great port.