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Details for Floating IPS (Flips) v1.31
Tools - Floating IPS (Flips) v1.31 Link - Show random
File Name: Floating IPS (Flips) v1.31
Version History: View
Authors: Alcaro
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Other
Platforms: General
Games: General
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Essential
Website: None
Description: Applies and creates IPS and BPS patches.
JavaScript version
Tags: bps, flips, ips, patcher, weird tags
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 116)
Download: Download - 154.51 KiB
M. Yusuf Suleman
Originally posted by oderjunks
Time to hope and pray that wine can handle this...
There is a JavaScript version online.
Posted by: M. Yusuf Suleman - | Link
Posted by: UFrozenO - | Link
this is 5 years outdated. you can build it yourself at if you care about being recent.
Posted by: foxsouns - | Link
Posted by: waldo3ds17 - | Link
como de descarga?
Posted by: EL PEPE - | Link
It is outdated, see
Posted by: Shiva619 - | Link
Posted by: carinhadaskina - | Link
The WHG Modz
Who Else Is Making A Super Mario World Hack To Be "Productive" In Quarantine
Posted by: The WHG Modz - | Link
Posted by: enrich - | Link
Posted by: enrich - | Link
esto es lo mas util del mundo#smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: mixernock - | Link
sin él no podría jugar smw :D
Posted by: federcioloyo - | Link
Its the main program for SMW romhacks :)
Posted by: Noah_aka_Feldi - | Link
great file!
Posted by: Wolfguy423 - | Link
Good tool for patching
Posted by: AccurateZoomer - | Link
Woah! This helped me Patch my Super Gui World rom hack!
Posted by: GuiMiTomo - | Link
Fermín Acosta Jr.
Super useful tool. Awesome. It works.
Posted by: Fermín Acosta Jr. - | Link
Andyana Jonseph
Keeps crashing when I'm about to choose a file.
Posted by: Andyana Jonseph - | Link
this program ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Posted by: thetic24 - | Link
I loved this tool! It worked perfectly and it created all my patches! Thank you for making this a dream come true!
Posted by: MarioAndLuigi404 - | Link
Tried using the JavaScript version, but whenever I try to convert a patch, it gives me an error saying "wrong input file". Does anyone know how to avoid this?
Posted by: gmdKowa - | Link
#w{<3}soooo goood!! NO bugs
Posted by: Nanomata - | Link
Originally posted by Fermín Acosta Jr.
Originally posted by CD20Superness
There is a bug that causes not to patch some files. I guess it's the BPS, but IDK what is it. Overall, garbage material. Or better yet, screw the BPS file. Bring back the IPS file back.

BPS patch is patch that can use for any roms. but use original rom instead of modified rom file

I guess I have a dirty ROM file. I need to reinstall it just to change my rating on this.
Posted by: CD20Superness - | Link
Fermín Acosta Jr.
Originally posted by CD20Superness
There is a bug that causes not to patch some files. I guess it's the BPS, but IDK what is it. Overall, garbage material. Or better yet, screw the BPS file. Bring back the IPS file back.

BPS patch is patch that can use for any roms. but use original rom instead of modified rom file
Posted by: Fermín Acosta Jr. - | Link
Always perfect! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Kristianzara - | Link
Originally posted by icky
#smw{...}How do I use this to patch stuff on Mac?

maybe use the javascript version of Flips on any Mac OS
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
#smw{...}How do I use this to patch stuff on Mac?
Posted by: icky - | Link
Gent Gashi
I hate when its wrong patch for SR8 SoH #smw{>:|}
Posted by: Gent Gashi - | Link
Nyan Cat
Good,but what i do to remove the patch?#smw{o_O?}
Posted by: Nyan Cat - | Link
Mechanical koopa
extremely useful for any romhacks, just be sure to use the online version if you don't have windows. 5\5 awesome tool
Posted by: Mechanical koopa - | Link
Time to hope and pray that wine can handle this...
Posted by: oderjunks - | Link
Thank you #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: viniciuskombat - | Link
absolute must have for a rom-hacker/just general rom hack player. i love the simplicity, yet preformability of the thing. thank you.
Posted by: foxsouns - | Link
Great tool.
Posted by: MilkyMooer - | Link
thx dude :)
Posted by: 3sunsquare - | Link
A+ Patcher#smw{:peace:}
Posted by: TheLucraftTeam - | Link
Like all said, A must have. #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: FadyHosny - | Link
I don't know a good name.
Did it really jump 110K+ downloads in under a week?

Whatever. It's the best thing ever uploaded to SMWCentral after Lunar Magic.
Posted by: I don't know a good name. - | Link
This can help us play hacks
Posted by: Robloxfan011257YT - | Link
Holy Shinx
It's great program, probably a must have
Posted by: Holy Shinx - | Link
thank u
Posted by: Heyzeus18 - | Link
Thank you for providing this!

- Be careful as the default behavior when not providing an output file is to overwrite the source file >_< .
Posted by: earthmeLon - | Link
well it works
Posted by: GaloombaCat - | Link
Mine wont even open now.
Posted by: MCB - | Link
it works,just there's something i noticed happening. i try to patch one rom that's already patched via this tool,but it keeps overriding the previous patch,why is it doing this?
Posted by: Iron8127 - | Link
OK, so it's not just me. Mine keeps saying the same thing when trying to patch to play.
Posted by: MCB - | Link
Posted by: caiofigueireido917 - | Link
Try downloading another ROM or redownload your ROM. There might be something wrong with it.
Posted by: snbdude - | Link
I'm having the same issue as Pancake001. Trying to apply a patch and get the "This patch is not intended for this ROM." I'm running the latest version, 1.31. A few days ago, I used it and worked fine. Today, I've tried several different ROMs, including ones I've used previously. No luck.
Posted by: HORITO_gaming - | Link
It randomly broke and it will not stop saying that the patch is not intended for the roms.
Posted by: Pancake001 - | Link
best tool for bps and ips #lm{owexstar}
Posted by: bruhsoundeffect - | Link

shrek is love shrek is life
Posted by: DeepVein.ROMbosis - | Link
Originally posted by pikapika200
How do I open it on mac? The mac tries to use the unarchiver to open exe files. Exe files don't open on mac.

The JavaScript version will do the job for you.
Posted by: Klug - | Link
Originally posted by pikapika200
How do I open it on mac? The mac tries to use the unarchiver to open exe files. Exe files don't open on mac.
Download wine ( I know the original poster won't read this, but if anyone else has this problem, I hope they see this message)
Posted by: AidenQvD - | Link
Posted by: ahthedark - | Link
Posted by: jona255 - | Link
Thank you!
Posted by: Wazzuper25 - | Link
good tool. all i really have to say
Posted by: palaceswitcher0 - | Link
Xtra XD
Posted by: Xtra XD - | Link
How do I open it on mac? The mac tries to use the unarchiver to open exe files. Exe files don't open on mac.
Posted by: pikapika200 - | Link
Thanks for sharing
Posted by: jack5881 - | Link

Posted by: Nintendineo - | Link
About two years ago.
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
I haven't done anything SMW hacking related for a, long, time. When did the standard change from IPS to BPS, and why?

Anyway, thanks for letting us download it here on the site, I'll take it #tb{:DD}
Posted by: Satsumaimo - | Link
beautiful, now i can unpack some roms !
Posted by: Captain_nick123 - | Link
Need help. Can't find .ibps or .bps files
Posted by: MarioTuber1 - | Link
Jaden P.
This software is almost flawless!
Posted by: Jaden P. - | Link
Jaden P.
This software is almost flawless!
Posted by: Jaden P. - | Link
Very good. Now I can create my own hacks. Super Mario Maker can never beat this rom hacking site. It has more stuff to use. Graphics, Slopes, Sprites, AND MY FAVORITE THING, SWITCH PALACES! Good luck SMW Central!
Posted by: JacobTheMarioGamer - | Link
its very good!
Posted by: tobitin - | Link
l'indispensable merci beaucoup
Posted by: yygdrasil - | Link
Why everybody here using BPS patches instead of IPS?
Posted by: marazzmatika - | Link
Whole New World , Works Great , Thanks .
Posted by: Kuldz - | Link
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Posted by: Sonic_BR - | Link
wow es genial :)
Posted by: schalker123 - | Link
You want to select a clean SMW ROM there.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
When i open the rom hack i want to play with flips it says select a base file
PLZ help
Posted by: Ilieiulian - | Link
There's no Mac OS binary. Do I have to compile it?
Posted by: AwesumIndustrys - | Link
Having same problem as @Simifiguy. ROMClean found Super Mario World.smc clean

Posted by: Steviebabs2685 - | Link
shoutouts to :muncher:
Posted by:  Minuy600 - | Link
Young Boi
shoutouts to simpleflips
Posted by: Young Boi - | Link
Shoutouts to simpleflips
Posted by: Sheeplover1011 - | Link
Shoutouts to simpleflips
Posted by: Sheeplover1011 - | Link
Works great on Fedora Linux. Thanks!
Posted by: djb1024 - | Link
You can convert a headered (.smc) ROM to unheadered (.sfc) here.
Posted by: randomdude999 - | Link
This is fair, just saying. Problem is that I've no idea where I'll find an unheadered rom, neither if I can make the rom unheadered.
Thanks for the info randomdude999.

Edit: with a tool to add/remove headers (just look for tush), I could use floating properly. It does apply patches, but only on unheadered roms. This is weird, but acceptable.
Posted by: willian125677 - | Link
The online patcher doesn't account for headered/unheadered ROMs. It seems that Flips creates patches against unheadered ROMs behind the scenes. The online patcher doesn't support that, so you need to use unheadered ROMs with it instead.
Posted by: randomdude999 - | Link
So romclean means the rom is clean and suitable to use, but the javascript version of floating keep saying "wrong input file". How do I know if the rom is indeed clean and will work on this tool or not? Note that the desktop version of floating ips works normally with both roms I've found.
Posted by: willian125677 - | Link
@TheWhiteBearYTP What about that message is hard to understand?
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
i not hve an idea?!?!?! delete "This patch is not intended for this rom" this makes me rage?!?
Posted by: TheWhiteBearYTP - | Link

now try submitting that comment to whatever hack you intended to submit it to
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Konata Izumi
@hobbledehoy899 What? this is a ROM Patcher, not an SPC dumper of some sort.
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
I noticed you said that you composed the soundtrack yourself and thus you wouldn't want to release the .spc files, but could the soundtrack ever be released as precompiled CD-quality .wav files?
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
Konata Izumi
wow nice
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
Posted by: Zacktheradicalguy - | Link
copy? what, this is the original.
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Thanks for create a copy of floating ips
Posted by: Zacktheradicalguy - | Link
I'm using the JavaScript version, by the way. (And I just realized I could just edit my previous post instead of double posting. Stupid me.)
Posted by: NES Boy - | Link
I'm having trouble applying BPS patches to the SMW ROM I usually use, which is an .smc file. I tried changing it to an .sfc file, but it didn't work. I downloaded another SMW ROM from a different site, but I still get a "wrong imput file" prompt.
Posted by: NES Boy - | Link
How do i run this app on my mac?
The extension is .exe
Posted by: leonardodmss - | Link
It does though.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
1 problem: doesn't allow you to patch SMW bps patches to your game. That's funny since the freaking description says: "Applies and creates IPS and BPS patches."
Posted by: MinecraftPro297 - | Link
I don't know why people stopped making ppf patches for SM64 hacks. I try to patch an IPS patch to a CLEAN UNEXTENDED USA sm64 rom (what any tutorial says) and it says "this patch is not intended for this ROM"

Maybe I missed something but I can't play these hack for now...

EDIT : I found the solution, that's just because my rom wasn't a good dump while it was clean, I noticed that it didn't had a [!] next to it's name. Now it worked ! I let my message in case of people are in the same situation as me...
Posted by: luigi1995 - | Link
That'd be the joke (kind of like the GNU's image manipulation program, Gimp.)
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
Tell me how to pronounce Flbps without sounding like a fart.
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
If you ever release a new version you should rename it to Floating BPS.
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
I cant do says i cant patch Star Road to the original SM64 rom
Posted by: MarioManZX - | Link
IPS patches do care whether a ROM is "clean" or not, that's why BPS was set as the new standard.
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
I patch an .ips file with a .sfc file and it gives me a black screen.
Posted by: SteveGamer68 - | Link
BPS patches don't care whether a ROM is "clean" or not.
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
Originally posted by Simifiguy
I keep getting "this patch is not intended for this ROM".

Then you most likely have a wrong rom. Make sure you're rom is clean. Maybe try and run it through this tool.
Posted by: TheBiob - | Link
I keep getting "this patch is not intended for this ROM".
Posted by: Simifiguy - | Link
the FLIPS (floating ips) accepts .ips and .bps patches the LIPS (lunar ips) only accepts ips, hope i helped
Posted by: SM64User - | Link
Added Linux binary to the zip; not sure if anyone will use it, but it does no harm
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
With the rise of the BPS format it is absolutely essential (especially for the Linux users umoung us) to upgrade from FuSoYa's original Lunar IPS to this.
Posted by: hobbledehoy899 - | Link
Then that's the wrong input file. Use only (U) [!], and only use the copy directly from the ROM site.
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Base file: Super Mario World.smc

Patch file: SMWBackToBasics.bps

wrong input file

Posted by: CrizzRejurjitatejd - | Link
Why are all antiviruses so terrible these days
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Green Jerry
It won't because it's accepted on the database.
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
Will this give me a virus? I really don't want to have to take a chance so can someone please tell me if this will give me a virus or not? thanks
Posted by: atticusv - | Link
7 up
@ecx it can also patch BPS files
Posted by: 7 up - | Link
Try using a not-terrible antivirus
Posted by: LDA - | Link
Final Theory
My Norton Anti-Virus keeps on deleting this and doesn't delete LIPS. This means LIPS is better because I don't have to worry about all the hassle this new program gives me.
Posted by: Final Theory - | Link
I have a program that detects this file as possessing a Trojan virus... :(
Posted by: yoshisisland - | Link
Starz Lol:

1) License says I'm not allowed to say no.
2) Probably not, but feel free to try. Older versions would be easier, since they're C, not C++, but I'm not sure if they're still around anywhere.

(we need a system where submission comments tell the author that something happened.)
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
Starz Lol
Great, but I have a couple questions:

1. Can I redistribute this as a DEB file for Ubuntu?
2. Can this be adapted to i286 MS-DOS somehow?
Posted by: Starz Lol - | Link
Thanks, worked perfect for me after patching my Rom to make it clean.
Posted by: RiVaL_SMW - | Link
Berkay: There's a patch with that tag too.

It's weirder.

ecx: Copypasting from the thread:

Can apply multiple patches at once. (Can't create multiple patches at once, though; make a batch file if you need that.)
Can apply and create BPS patches.
Generated IPS patches are (usually) (slightly) smaller (99.9994% on SMWCP2 1-15-13.ips) than those from LIPS. Both LIPS and Flips are fully capable of applying patches generated with the other.
Can apply and create patches through the command line. (Note that you'll get the C:\> prompt again, with Flips' output on top, if launched from cmd directly; it works fine from batch files. It's either that or flashing a console window for a tiny while when it's double clicked, and a rare bug is better than a common bug.)
Can apply a patch and run it in an emulator without forcing the user to create temporary files.
Can compile and run on any platform you want. You can get Windows or GTK+ GUIs, or a CLI-only app depending only on libc. (No plans for an OS X port; I don't have any Macs nearby, though I'll include it if someone else makes one.)
Can handle files containing characters outside the 8-bit character set (for example フローティング.ips). (But I'd bet you didn't even know LIPS can't handle that, they're rare.)
Refreshes all folder windows once file associations are claimed, instead of waiting until next reboot.
Open source, in case you care.
Despite the added features, the executable is smaller than LIPS. (Not that you have any reason to care.)

The important ones are the emulator launcher, BPS support (they're smaller than IPS, and can't be applied to wrong file), and the multi-patch support.
Posted by: Alcaro - | Link
what's the difference between Lunar IPS and this?
Posted by: ecx - | Link
Tags: bps, flips, ips, patcher, weird tags
Posted by: Berk - | Link

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