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Details for SPCtoMML V1000
Tools - SPCtoMML V1000 Show random
File Name: SPCtoMML V1000
Authors: Vitor Vilela
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: General, SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Yes
Website: Link
Description: This tool allows you to convert SPC files to MML. More information is in the readme.
Tags: brr, brr samples, mml, music, rip
Rating: 4.5 (Votes: 25)
Download: Download - 136.31 KiB
ok, so now I guess I have no more excuse when I'm missing SNES song .brr
Posted by: qantuum - | Link
Koop the Koopa
Posted by: Koop the Koopa - | Link
i have no idea how to change the hex
good for other people i guess...
Posted by: yupyup____ - | Link
some people are comfy ripping brr samples with this
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
@berk how do i change the offset or what hex editor should i use since i can't change the offset with hxd hex editor
Posted by: codfish1002 - | Link
here's an incredibly inelegant workaround for the not supported file format error - open your spc in a hex editor. change offset 0x500 to 00. save it. bam there you go use your newfound power responsibly
Posted by: Berk - | Link
I tried to convert an SPC music (for example: Sonic 3D blast - diamond dust act1 by Roberto Zampari) but it gives me: SPC file isn't supported error.
What should I do?
Posted by: MegaSonic1999 - | Link
Hooded Edge
Great for ripping brr samples. I was able to get some Castlevania Dracula X samples out of there. Also some songs tend to treat some notes as pitch bends rather than normal notes.
Posted by: Hooded Edge - | Link
Would be nice if we can be a little more precise with seconds to dump.
Posted by: buggy789 - | Link
Konata Izumi
hey uhh, why aren't voice samples working (i.e. panel de pon's nintendo presents screen)?
Posted by: Konata Izumi - | Link
Epic Tool! It Useful when Porting Other SNES Music To SMW
Posted by: riki2321 - | Link
So is it possible to convert the file to MML to use the music in SMW2? I tried the Addmusic program, but now I am stuck so I can't figure out what's wrong. However, no one has responded to my post in that thread. I wanted to insert the music to use in my level, but the text file does not make sense. It just has a whole bunch of files that say .brr at the end.
Posted by: Lespna1 - | Link
I can't download this for some reason. redirects back here.
Posted by: jimbo3edc - | Link

But that SPC is mine. -_-
Posted by: MarkVD100 - | Link
Originally posted by Berkay
It's not a bug, it's made on purpose to prevent people steal others' ports.

That's really dumb.
Posted by: MrGreenThunder - | Link
It's not a bug, it's made on purpose to prevent people steal others' ports.
Posted by: Berk - | Link
There is a bug saying that the SPC is not supported file format.
Posted by: MarkVD100 - | Link