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    Sonic the Hedgehog - Extra Life

    SMW Music → Sonic the Hedgehog - Extra Life

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    H.carrell on an ipad Link
    Wat about Addmusic 4.05
    TheInsanity115 Author Link
    I do not know because I put right and appears something else.
     Sayuri Link
    No, he means that the insert size is smaller than it should be, so how did you get that incorrect insertion size number?
    TheInsanity115 Author Link
    By Addmusick
     Nanako Link
    I am a bit curious on how did you get your insert size.
     Sayuri Link
    Download PetiteMM, put it in a folder along with CMD.exe (search for it in the start menu, then copy+paste into the folder), then whatever MIDI you're gonna use. Then, open CMD, and type in PetiteMM.jar (your midi).mid. Remember, .mid, NOT .midi. After that, your MML file will be generated. You'll need to reverse the octaves, as the tool switches them for some reason, so I'd say to use this tool to do that. Switch the octaves, then copy+paste the new text into the MML file. Add the channel headers over the ;'s you'll find throughout the file. Then just finish the port.
    TheInsanity115 Author Link
    How do you use it?
     Sayuri Link
    Needs work. The ADSR could be better, but the big thing is the weird triplets. It's obvious you used TinyMM for this, so I'd recommend you use PetiteMM instead, maybe for most of your future ports, if possible.