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Super Mario World Hacks → YF10CBTTHNTDWTL

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mcnakahr Link
1/5: Wish I could have given this zero stars. The Spinia sprite is glitched with a 50% chance of killing you on spin jump when it's not stunned instead of stunning it. There is no clear objective trough the first part and due to the glitchy Spinia it's impossible to progress past the first section without dying 1,000s of times. Fix the Spinia and this hack could be great.

Edit: Also the HUD should not display in the intro movie on the title screen nor the intro level.
Holy Shinx Link
Im gonna give it 3/5, the idea is creative and looks good, but sadly it's only 1 long level with no checkpoint, which makes is annoying to do savestateless, and also hitboxes of there green guys are janky
xjakku Link
Aside from the visuals there is not much positive to say.

That green thing kills you randomly when you bounce off of it sometimes. Awkward non-puzzles and disappearing sprite tiles or sprites.
Ringo Link
S.R.H. Link