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Super Foss World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Foss World

Submission Details

Name: Super Foss World
Author: PangaeaPanga
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Current version: 1.31

v1.1 fixes a bunch of bugs and makes some impossible levels, possible.
v1.2 fixes a bug where the mid-way point does not respawn when you start + select out of a level.
v1.3 fixes breaks in the last 2 levels of the games, resetting 256 times, and fixes no music playing during credits.
v1.31 changes the last level to make it easier.

Walkthrough video:
In-depth description of each level:

A small puzzle hack dedicated to the one and only responsible grown man who likes to grow gardens while voluntarily reading books in another language.

I labeled this Kaizo: Light because it requires minor glitch abuse and knowledge of said glitches.

I hope you enjoy!
Tags: glitch music puzzle vanilla
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
4.6 (23 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (16)

kaitri Link
a hack that gets so complicated/hard in those 21 levels, its always fun :D world 1, easy no problem.
world 2, didnt know how to beat it a couple years ago, now easy np
world 3, i usually know how/what to do... but cant.

i tried this hack many times, finally finished it. its a really hard hack but i like puzzle hacks. especially when they are kaizo.
Chillah Link
Well, maybe your download patch is outdated or something because it says -Nintendo Presents- rather than "Grown man Presents".
So far, it's really fun. The above is not an issue. Just a question: how are you supposed to beat Timing is Key (Hole)?
EDIT: Whoopsies. Figured it out. This hack is really great.
Palettes and graphics, 8/10. There are no custom graphics, but the way you use them along with the palettes amaze me. Would be perfect if you had used good custom graphics, but great nonetheless.
Music, 10/10. The music choice is great and the music really fits the mood of each level.
Level design, 9/10. It's a little hard for my taste, but that's what made me rate it 10. Had it been a little easier, I would've rated it 10, but it's just my silly personal preference. Also, each level is unique and short and sweet. Love this hack.

Nice job, and keep up the amazing work!
gameboyjeremy Link
Suggestion for HEAVY FEET:
Have mario fling the key back up on that ledge you came from.
Spit out the green shell on the wall and bounce off of it to get on the ledge.
Force yoshi in that gap and down below the clouds.
Keyhole should be on that side.
gameboyjeremy Link
My first hack review.
Graphics 4/5 They are not custom in any way, but at the same time , they feel very special.
Songs 5/5 Perfect choice for every map and level!
OW 4/5 It is nice, but there are many areas that need that little curvy piece.
Palettes 5/5 Very good palette work, you always know the perfect shade.
Levels 5/5 Difficult, but not to hard so that it takes heavy slowdown, and the setup was very creative too.
overall 9.8/10
My favorite hack ever!
ft029 Link
Feeling of accomplishment after each level is overwhelming. 5/5 no question.
PromipFelor Link
Its not fun like other hacks I've been played...
But its an nice one!
 Aram Link
nice meme
Kaisaan Link
In Turnblocktastic, if you time it right, you can kill the blue shelless koopa and make it fall into the lava, resulting in glitched GFX, also, don't you need to change to sprite header to fix the final boss's GFX?
gguti Link
@Error 404

probably means you don't have to use the rainbow shell
Error 404 Link
im on level 5 and i dont know whats a anti cultural shell is?
pe5e Link
Really neat puzzle hack!
Creating good and new puzzle ideas is always difficult, but this hack does it right. Challenging but solvable levels if you think for a while
and every level is pretty unique. Good job.

Also 10/10 credits :D

If someone is stuck on some level just write me a PM.
S.R.H. Link
Foss's Butthole is the best level name I have seen in a while, lol.
Also, these puzzles are hard but very well thought. Reminds me of Super Puzzle World, nice job!

e: A guide or walkthrough would be great.
gguti Link
got it, now the shell is stuck in the corner :(. I've tried 4 times and it gets stuck in the same place. I'm sad
GbreezeSunset Link
I played about half of the levels so far, and it's an extremely fun and creative puzzle hack. It's up there with SMPP4, and I consider it my new favorite puzzle hack. Great job again Panga (I assume this isn’t his real name, but maybe it is :P) 5★

@gguti, another hint I could give you is to make sure you use that cape from the green block. Think about the things you can do with a cape.
Bruno Visnadi Link
Gguti, just a tip: there're no frame perfect tricks required in WAM! KAPOW!. Think about what only naked yellow koopas do (besides the rainbow shell)...
gguti Link
can you give me a tip on the level WAM! KAPOW! ? Already grabbed the shell in the perfect frame, don't know what to do next
Nice hack so far :D Reminds me of takumi