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Remove Yoshi upon entering a room

SMW Blocks → Remove Yoshi upon entering a room

Submission Details

Name: Remove Yoshi upon entering a room
Author: zacmario
Act As: 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: I had trouble with existing castle entrance patches and blocks, not sure if it was a patch conflict.
Anyway I made this simple block that checks if mario is riding Yoshi, and sets the flag to remove him upon entering the next room. Should Mario die or pass the level, Yoshi will reappear on the overworld.
Tags: lorom
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Comments (2)

zacmario Author Link
S.R.H. Link
This won't work properly because you're storing what's in $01 to $1B9B. What you probably want to do is store #$01 to $1B9B.