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Super Mario World: The Final Showdown!

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World: The Final Showdown!

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World: The Final Showdown!
Author: Kyanite
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Well, my first hack. (Sort of.)
Anyways, this is a hack with mainly Super Mario World graphics, but with ASM, custom music, and more!

Mario is sick of Bowser's "attempts" to kidnap Peach, so then Mario decides to travel to Bowser's land to get rid of Bowser once and for all!

This hack has 1 world, with 10 exits in total.

Anyways, enjoy the hack!

Tags: asm less exgfx music traditional
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
3.7 (13 ratings)
No rating
Download 147.69 KiB | 2,580 downloads


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Comments (9)

H.carrell on an ipad Link
Mario is mad
SuperCalebWorld9367 Link
It's fun!
Kyanite Author Link
Thanks for the review Techinus. Anyways, I'm not very proud of this hack. Hopefully sooner or later, I'll try to make a full-length hack. Also, I think the reason for my mistakes is becuase I was impatient when AlwaysANoob was playtesting my hack, and I just went ahead and uploaded it. Another reason would be for poor feedback. They weren't that helpful. Besides 1 or 2 people, it just... yeah. Anyways, enjoy the hack, I guess.
Ringo Link
If what I wrote doesn't give you a hint, play the hack and find out what it is.

MarkVD100 Link
Mirann, for number 2, it's probably due to the level_ender_boss music sprite not putting the music correctly when a hack uses AddMusicK.

For number 4, what's wrong with that?
Ringo Link
Nothing special but not too bad. Here are some things you could fix though.

1. Unedited sheless Koopa frame after he's kicked out of his shell.

2. The "boss defeated" music played is the Here We Go!. This feels very out of place.

3. Sprite memory errors tend to happen here.

4. You probably should disable the thunders in this submap.

That's all.
LDA Link
Based on his imagination and not any other hack, you haters. But really:

Title Screen and Intro level:
Normally Mario is one pixel in the ground, but the ExGFX in the title screen doesn't resemble that. More importantly, you can DIE in the intro level. When I saw the screenshot I even wondered if you could die. I also assumed it was water, but it ended up killing me. The squiggly item box looks weird, too.

Apocalyptic Lands 1:
The Koopas can easily be confused with dry bones and have an unedited "stunned" frame. Why is everything dead, anyway? The Parakoopa gave me no time to react when I landed on the ledge below him. None of you're coin paths even line up with the player's jump! Some of the Boos and Eeries weren't placed very well. The last goomba thing is too close the the ending of the ledge.

Apocalyptic Lands 2:
This level was pretty bad. First of all, the inner color of the rock could be redder to match the rest and the jump with the Thwomp and the lava isn't good. The jump is very long and the Thwomp is pretty close. The fireball isn't high enough to make any difference, either. In fact, almost all the fireballs and lava jumps are like that. Sometimes AL2 gets very chaotic, like the few places there's a thwomp, thwimp, dry bones, and a bony beetle, especially when the dry bones throws bones. And what the hell are these coins doing here!? I could not find the secret exit so I went into LM to look for it. I almost fell out my my seat. I poorly hinted hidden pipe in the ground below some coins!? REALLY!!? I'm not even going to be light: that was just an awful level design choice.

Red Switch:
The first level that doesn't contain "Apocalyptic" in it. I think this was your best level, but that's only because there's nothing to be flawed!

Apocalyptic Lands 3:
The very first thing I noticed is the background. It's an eye-searing shade of green, and it looks like it's part of the foreground like that water/lava stuff. After that I got hit by the kicking Koopa. Yep, I got hit before I saw him. I had absolutely no time to respond. The green pipe after that, and many other pipes, are way to bright. When I went in, the two spike tops were placed in a way that if I were running through to get all of the coins I would land right between them and get hurt. Why are there enemies and complicated terrain in a coin bonus room, anyway? I also think the Boos after the checkpoint were badly placed. The goomba thing right after them is also too close the to edge, so I have little time to react. The next few kicking Koopas after that gave me barely any time to react as well. Then I beat the level and was happy.

Apocalyptic Ghost House:
I kinda liked the rest of your palettes, but this level had no custom palettes, so I was disappointed. The blocks are kinda hard to access through the Boos which might as well not even be there. The first set of stairs almost kills you if you slide down it, and the Big Boo can be killed on them, too. The box below Big Boo could go too. The P-Switch thing was interesting, but what if I were to let the P-Switch time out? There's no reset door. The spike part right after it was extremely tedious, repetitive, and when I saw the Boo placed there so BADLY I'm like "wtf, man?" The blocks by the door that I could go through weren't a bad idea, but they don't even change their appearance, so it's weird. However, the ones near the P-Switch WERE a bad idea. The stairway down the the key and the P-Switch didn't even look like a staircase.

Apocalyptic Fort:
The intro used a level 105 background. I don't know how to change this myself, but I'm sure there's a way. There's not much standing room of Mario at the very beginning. Again, the fireballs are too low and Thwomps are placed too close to dry bones or bony beetles. The dry bones is too close to the door. I like the placement of the red switch blocks, though. In the next room, there are no turn blocks and stuff for the Magikoopa to use, making him not very useful. The boss was fine, but the hopping fires never go away, making it very hard. This is probably the ASM's problem, not your level's problem. When I beat him, it started playing "Here we go!" for some reason. When you beat a boss, everything fades except for Mario. I happened to have a turtle shell right over Mario's face, so it cut out his face. Now what was the name of this music? I want it.

Apocalyptic Lands 4:
Just like AL3, the background blends in perfectly with the foreground. No, no, no. Next I read the message box. I'm a bit confused. Then when I enter the pipe I'm underwater and I see the time limit. Now I get it, but this stuff used to kill me! What? This level very short but challenging. It was sometimes leaving me with 1 second left before I collected a coin. I think it should be longer but easier. I also noticed I'm the one who made you the code for the coin. :D The pipe at the end wasn't hinted at all for you to go in. It looked exactly like the rest of the pipe you couldn't go it. Maybe change the color with Map16?

Apocalyptic Castle:
The level could use a lot of improvement. Just like Apocalyptic Fort, this level has a level 105 BG intro. The palettes also look like they were directly stolen from Luigi's Revenge, my friend Kaisaan's hack. I'm sure they weren't but this level is so similar to Island Castle from his hack. Not like that's bad or anything, it's just something I noticed. Yet again, the fireballs barely reach out of the lava. The palettes of the the pipes are unedited, so it doesn't fit with the edited palettes. This happens in some other levels, too. The second room starts the camera at the bottom of the level, so it has to scroll up to meet Mario. This level has even more Thwomp plus dry bones situations. The door at the end is crammed up against the wall. The Bowser battle looks like It was made with Mario Maker. (aka it's terrible) First of all, it's one screen long. It uses a P-Switch. It's pretty crammed in there. The first time I did it, I accidentally threw the P-Switch off of the side of the level. Really bad, there. You may need to work some UberASM into this level to get it to be good, but that shouldn't be a big problem. If you take a fire flower in your reserve, it looks gray, as seen in the screenshot. In the room with the goal sphere, Mario runs up against the wall during the animation, which for some reason really annoys me.

The paths are way to bright for the darkness surrounding them.The level names weren't very creative, but SMW does this so it's okay. All of the paths and levels look unlocked and had no animations so it looked like I could play them. The path to the pipe to the left of the ghost house looks like you are walking up a cliff because it's on a cliff. Apocalyptic Lands 4 was right in the acid/lava/water stuff. Doesn't this stuff kill you? AL4 also doesn't auto-move you for some reason. I acutally though the demo was over when I didn't move because there's no event. To the right of the Red Switch Palace, there's a waterfall/acidfall/lavafall thing, right? Well the animated tile looks odd cut off by the ground slant/slope thing. Try copying the slant's graphics, replacing the outside with transparent, putting it thing on layer 1, then having the animated tile behind it. When I go through the star, why am I in space? I was thinking for a little then this nearly made me jump out of my seat.

You should get a surge a motivation now that you got feedback! Wait, that only happens when you get good feedback. Anyway, I don't think this hack was very well made. Apply all of the changes I mentioned and lengthen the levels a bit and I think it could look great! I look forward to the next version.
ForthRightMC Link
Based on Mario Gives Up.
thesmb3fan144 Link
Based on Mushroom kingdom meltdown.