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Details for Kamek's Island
Super Mario World Hacks - Kamek's Island Link - Show random
File Name: Kamek's Island
Version History: View
Authors: Gamma V
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 82 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Kamek's Island is a traditional Choconilla (arguably more chocolate than vanilla) hack that has been worked on since February. This hack features 70 levels and 82 exits spread across 7 worlds. Difficulty ranges from easy in the early levels to medium-hard near the end-game. Please check out the included Credits.txt for changes over time and the few known issues that may pop up.
Tags: asm, exgfx, music, traditional
Rating: 4.4 (Votes: 28)
Download: Download - 394.77 KiB
Nice hack. I finished the game. I got all 82 exits and all Dragon Coins. \o/

In the level "Pete Pelican's Fort", sometimes the Boss clipes on the left wall.
Posted by: rafaelfutbal - | Link
Awesome hack! Very funny! Thank you Gamma V
Posted by: edwinmusic - | Link
A very colorful, well designed and entertaining hack ! Overworld and levels are great, and so are the bosses.

Difficulty is OK, starting from very easy to hard, especially last level and last boss, but giving the player two hits instead of one when you are powered up makes this difficulty sustainable and the 82 exits are beatable without using savestates.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much for this great work =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
really nice hack, difficulty goes from normal to hard so theres a nice curve.
music is fitting, graphics are beautiful.

some problems are: bosses are kinda all the same. either jump on them 3 times, or pick up their projectile and throw it at them. and some bosses you can 1shot by cape spinning.
secret exits are almost always the same. go down a pipe and find a key or hit a block and find a key, go down another pipe and find the keyhole.

the beautiful design and fitting music makes it a 4/5. recommended!
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
really nice hack, difficulty goes from normal to hard so theres a nice curve.
music is fitting, graphics are beautiful.

some problems are: bosses are kinda all the same. either jump on them 3 times, or pick up their projectile and throw it at them. and some bosses you can 1shot by cape spinning.
secret exits are almost always the same. go down a pipe and find a key or hit a block and find a key, go down another pipe and find the keyhole.

the beautiful design and fitting music makes it a 4/5. recommended!
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
Gamma V
I think that's a game engine bug. I'll have to rebuild the midway around it. I can do that.
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link
Fighter Goomba
I discovered that on the level Serene Stream, get the checkpoint, die and go back with a mushroom or flower you die again imediattly. It may happen when playing multiplayer, you might want to check the entrances so this won't happen.
That is if you still care about this hack.
Posted by: Fighter Goomba - | Link
Thwomping Kittens
A really enjoyable and impressive hack. The level designs are great and feel like an authentic Mario game. There’s lots of custom stuff in here; enemies, bosses, music, overworld, backgrounds and other items. While this isn’t as abundant as in more recent projects by Gamma V, it gives the game a more familiar Mario World feel which I really like. In fact, I really liked the balance of custom parts and even familiar parts are used with new colours so it all feels fresh enough.

In terms of difficulty, this plays out like other Gamma V projects and I’m making the same criticism again as a casual player. Many of the final levels are too difficult for me to really appreciate them and I wouldn’t have completed these levels without save states. I’d prefer such levels to be in a Star Road knd of area and since the player returns back to the overworld after the final boss (by the way, that was a very nice extra feature), I think this would be a good place for the player to unlock them. Other criticisms are fairly minor (particularly with this since it doesn’t deviate too for from the original SMW). I’d suggest not having the possibility of dying in a cloud coin-grab area and I’d also like to see a sprites for bosses when they take damage to make boss parts more polished.

Make no mistake though, this is still a superb hack. Gamma V has released far more ambitious things in terms of customisation since this but the fun is still here, the levels are meticulously and terrifically designed, the size of the project is equally as impressive and any fan of old school Mario games will really like and appreciate this. 4.5/5

Posted by: Thwomping Kittens - | Link
hi Gamma V, I played this hack and I enjoyed it a lot... I finished it all 82 exits. However, I found some issues (not many) that you may want to check:

1) In the levels with giant rock, snowball; you can beat it by sliding in a slope. And when it is performed, the rock or snowball is shown as a garbage sprite before it is gone.
2) Big Boo can be beaten in the same way, by sliding in a slope. Not sure if it is correct as I think the ghost are not beatable.
3) I played to find all dragon coins in the 82 exits and found that the stage "Poltergeist Pyramid" in World 4 has only 4 dragon coins. I may comment that I was very curious to know if I really missed it or if it was very hidden so I try to search it on Lunar Magic and there is only 4.

Hope you have not forgotten this nice hack of yours and give it some time to fix it. At least adding the missing coin. :)

Thank you for this hack!
Posted by: netux - | Link
Fun hack so far. I just cleared world 5. I with the castle bosses were a bit more challenging, but otherwise I am impressed. No glitches yet using super everdrive v2 (some of my favorite hacks get pretty glitchy using super everdrive cartridges)
Posted by: kvbriggs - | Link
Levels are cool, music is cool too.
But there are some HUGE lags that makes it impossible to play at times
Posted by: Romano338 - | Link
oye como haces los mapas?
mandame un e-mail al [email protected]
Posted by: CleArkin - | Link
I initially wanted to dictate this review in a video with some gameplay footage. Unfortunately, I cannot entertain people, and I at home until later without proper means to record my voice. This hack came out some time ago. As you have kept a thorough change log and have resubmitted your hack this far beyond its initial submission, I can tell that you care about the effort that you have sunk into this project, and I hope that any commentary that I may provide on the hack and my experience with it may help you in some way with any adjustments that you make or with any future projects. While you have several other hacks up for moderation as of my current posting, I will wait to try them out after I have played the hacks of other individuals so that I can judge the other hacks fairly without the taste of this one on my mind.

Playing through your hack, I immediately got vibes of Super Mario World. Nothing in the layout of your levels felt too complex. Since you kept the hack as a chocolate-vanilla hack, you did not introduce confusing elements to your levels, and the usage of new graphics, music, and enemies as opposed to sophisticated ASM mechanics and patches made the whole experience comfortably casual and familiar. Ghost houses particular reflected on SMW’s ghost levels, using related tricks like the slightly-changed-room trick that I found hilarious. The Dragon Coins definitely contributed to that SMW sensation likewise. While at some moments I did not favor the simple placement of Dragon Coins, I appreciate their inclusion and frequently clever placements. I also take great pleasure in obtaining the Dragon Coins, or if anything, I try to locate them all in a level. Using a plot framework as you did with information at the beginning, no information in the middle, and a conclusion at the end of the game mirrored SMW’s plot for me even if the original game included snippets of details after castles. If you aimed to emulate SMW’s style in your hack, you did so well.

I had a blast playing this hack and not just from the visions of SMW planted in the game. The difficulty curve of the levels felt just right throughout the whole hack. Excluding several levels, such as Sunny Daze with its exorbitant enemy placement and sun dodging that caught me off guard until I went back for the Green Switch Palace, I did not find any levels out of place with how easy or difficult they were; every level fell in place into the most appropriate world. Connected to that, fort bosses and castle bosses did not off-balance each other. Bosses in castles almost always trumped the difficulty of their fort contemporaries, and neglecting the final boss, I did not face extraordinary trouble with taking a boss down. The way that you also abstained from putting Dragon Coins in the forts and castles also neatly added to the importance of the structures. Level design trumps all other factors, and you nailed it. So many levels had gimmicks and themes that got my attention and kept me happy throughout the whole level. Whether I bounced in the clouds, trounced on giants, or danced around multi-directional Thwomps, I merrily went through much of the hack. Hopefully, your other hacks maintain the level design that made this one such a ride.

Beside level design, your other design choices polished this hack. The biggest aesthetic feat that you accomplished in my eyes was how well you constructed the backgrounds for your levels with mild adjustments to vanilla backgrounds. These backgrounds truly gave context to the levels, and many levels would feel entirely different without their neat backgrounds. Drastic palette changes to the original graphics did not largely appear until the final few worlds, but the backgrounds compensated and boosted the standard palettes. Decorations additionally boosted the palettes. Without eliminating that vital chocolate-vanilla theme, you added the right amount of decorations to your levels. Again, the later worlds flaunted decorations, using props like Dry Bones skeletons and sparkles in rocks. Levels with decorations popped. I cannot say that I heavily observed your music choices for this project, but for tracks that I did notice, the songs complemented their levels smoothly and pumped some of them with even more meaning. Big Bad Boneyard, for example, had a meaningful song that shifted the level tone drastically for me. All and all, the average-sized aesthetic implementations and music choices added hugely to the entertainment that I personally had playing the hack.

Some things bored me to some degree. Through the duration of much of the hack, you used plenty of upward vines and downward pipes to include a secluded space for Dragon Coins. I let this slide the first few times, but as this quickly became a trend, it just seemed dull to me across the worlds. You came up with some sneaky placements, and I know that you could have found more engaging ways to set up the coins. Similarly, although only a problem in the earlier worlds, you insert several coins in positions that rely upon switch palace blocks. That too came off as lazy though totally permissible as another incentive to unlock the blocks. Another case of repetition that likely only bothers me is the constant use of Piranha Plants in the game. Staple enemies such as Koopas and perhaps in this case Piranha Plants make perfect sense; however, the plants still felt overdone when other enemies may have made a debut in their stead for a few levels. I will not deny that you did use a strong variance of other new enemies like many Bros enemies, so I will not harp on you too much about the Piranha Plants, especially when later levels structured the plants in challenging alignments. Lastly, secret exits quickly became stale to me. All of them except for one by my count occurred by using a key, and most of the key alternate exits used a key near or within a pipe that then led to a room with the keyhole. Without a doubt, secret exits spice up a world by offering multiple paths, but I lost any excitement that I had in finding them early on.

Some things irritated me a bit too. Your powerups appeared often enough in most worlds that I could get through them just fine, but in the last world, a recent change to how you distributed powerups butchered me. Instead of distributing powerups directly at the beginning, powerups would emerge after numerous obstacles. After the midpoint, you included just one powerup at the midpoint for the rest of the level. While this format change may reasonably correlate to the difficulty curve of the hack, I encountered tremendous difficulty in some levels where I would perhaps struggle to the midpoint and gain a powerup advantage there; however, I would die to obstacles in the level that I encountered for the first time and lose my whole advantage for continuing the level. I think that just adding an additional powerup here or there in some of the final levels may have prevented some death streaks that I had, especially in the final level where I could not retain a powerup whatsoever before the final boss door, but I respect any desire you may have to keep the levels as challenging as they are. Another dizzying complaint that I have occurred in the sixth world. With slippery levels, the difficulty really ramps up in this world. This world splits up immediately into several paths, but unlike other worlds, due to its unique structure, it lacks save prompts for levels beside the fort and the castle. Considering that I am a goof, maybe my approach to this world raised me for failure. I unlocked a whole bunch of the exits before trying either the fort of the castle. Both levels decked me hard. They decked me in a good way, being fun and perilous, but needless to say, I got a Game Over and lost my entire progress in that world. I would classify this issue as minor if it did not kill my groove one night so heavily. I do not mind redoing levels or getting Game Over screens, yet I think that one extra save prompt in that world would not hurt anyone.

Like every other hack, minor issues pestered this one. Of course, I did not tally every instance of one-pixel cutoff and sprite memory issues as they do not bother me much. Some people gripe about the cutoff, so if you really want to remove it as much as possible, I would look at corner tiles first. An almost non-issue that you might consider tweaking involves the fact that the player can see part of Mario when he rubs against a solid boundary beside a liquid, water or lava, pretty much anywhere a liquid is present in the hack. That honestly bothered me more than any of these other issues, and it is not a real gripe. You could fix that by giving layer priority to the solid land mass tiles if you have the Map16 space for it. Very few levels had major design flaws, but a few come to mind. Namely in the last world, Igneous Impasse included lava pillars along the skull raft ride that will hit you if you try to get ahead of them on the raft. Through trial and error, I found that the only way to survive them was to actually spinjump off them, an idea that I would have not intentionally tried. If you moved the pillars’ spawns over to the left a bit, they may be avoidable. The sky level in the last world features clouds that only hold non-player sprites, but unlike earlier in the hack, to my recollection, these clouds look different to their earlier counterparts and cannot be distinguished until the player has already fallen through them. I liked that level otherwise. Including a Monty Mole race in the Blue Switch Palace sounded like a novel idea on paper, but unless I missed the ramifications of losing the race, no downsides to the race occurred. I got off easy unless I missed something.

At the end of the day, I scored this hack with a 4. Being a chocolate-vanilla hack, it did not do anything super flashy. It did not need to do that. Your hack accomplished the prime goal of providing a fun experience for the player through good level design and other shoe-shining aspects, and I would certainly recommend this hack for people with the time if they want a new chocolate-vanilla hack to try. I hope that I helped you or any readers even though I did not offer many suggestions. Thank you for your work!
Posted by:  Domiok - | Link
Im now in World 4 and i like it. Pretty cool hack!
Posted by: ThatBird447 - | Link

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