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Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure

Submission Details

Name: Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure
Author: Gamma V
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 44 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: (Rev. 06)

Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure is a total revamp and reworking of Super Mario Starlight Remix. It is essentially what that hack would've been had I made it with my current hacking skills and all the resources that have come along since 2006. This 44-level hack includes:

* Custom hand-drawn graphics
* Custom music
* Custom sprites
* Custom blocks
* ASM hacks

See included Readme for more info. Enjoy!

LONG-BELATED UPDATED: Fixed cutoff in the background of Peaceful Plains 3.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx music traditional
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.2 (24 ratings)
No rating
Download 460.24 KiB | 7,621 downloads


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Comments (15)

AmCleos22 Link
I like your hack here! With custom sprites and bosses included! I give it a 10/10. #smw{:peace:}
Light Jak Link
Good level building and fun to play. I recommend it for those who like a relaxing adventure!
qantuum Link
lol, how did I overlook this. I loved Starlight remix so much, I'm glad I will try this revamp version. Downoading it.
NatsuFireball Link
A great revamp with awesome graphics and bosses ! As always, overworld is very well made.

Just one thing I think is very important for completionists : in this hack you can't save a second time when you beat a level with a save prompt. That is to say, chances are that you could never have the maximum number of exits shown at title screen... especially when, after beating Bowser, you return to the map without a save prompt ! How can we save if we beat all previous levels ? You certainly will have a missing exit in your total and there is no way to fix it.

I found 46 exits in total but I think it 47 after Bowser (instead of 44 shown in description).

Just try to let the player save his progress when he wants ? (for example putting a ghost house without removing the unlimited save prompts).

That is a very good hack though ! 8/10 (4 stars) Thank you for this great work =]

edwinmusic Link
Awesome!! Great hack! Congratulations! Link
I was able to spinjump with the controller plugged into port #2 while playing in Luigi mode. :)
Gamma V Author Link
@Kaitri Only Luigi can't spinjump, and that's only on certain emulators, at least, in my experience watching LPs and testing it myself.
kaitri Link
no spinjump so this actually would be a 0/5
but since thats a silly reason and i really enjoyed the hack i give it a 3-4 (3 since no spinjump sry)
Thwomping Kittens Link
This is awesome! The first SMW hack that I've played the whole way through. The last two worlds crank up the difficulty beyond what I think of as fun but for the most part, this plays like something Nintendo might make. That's exacty what I want out of a hack. Great level design, new music and graphics but still feeling like you're playing a real Nintendo release. 4.5/5
NatsuFireball From older version: Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Link
Hello Gamma V,

Another extraordinary hack ! As for Kola Kingdom (I played it before this one), the gameplay is awesome, levels and overworld are very well-thought and colorful. I love the original gameplay idea in the hidden fortress of world 7, with blinking-background deciding of the solidity state of some blocks and chains. =]

I just have to mention that there are in reality 47 exists (Bowser's castle included, as it is counted in the total at title screen),instead of 44 written in description. In fact, there are 44 levels but 47 exits in total ^^ I found them all without using savestates, as difficulty is well-balanced. The fact of having a sevepoint just before bosses in castles is VERY appreciable !

10/10 (5 stars) A BIG thank you again =]
TheMorganah Link
I love this hack!
EmuGamer Link
awesome hack man i like so much 5/5
FreeKill2111 From older version: Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Link
I've done the first 6 worlds so far. I love what I've seen so far. Definitely one of the better hacks.

p.s. Sorry if my English is bad.
Mariogamer435 From older version: Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Link
good hack!
Paddy Link
Why does Mario's head look like it isn't aligned properly with his body?