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Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition
Author: Kazeshin
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 120 star(s)
Description: A Super Mario 64 hack that randomly changes its code while the game is playing, which can cause some insanity. Enjoy. Run in Project 64 1.6 for best results.

NOTE: DO NOT extend your Super Mario 64 rom. Apply the patch to an untouched, not extended rom.

10/6/15 - Download updated to include a .bps patch, and a readme which explains some things.
10/9/15 - Updated patches to v1.4.
Video Link: Link
Comments: 23 (jump to comments)
3.9 (19 ratings)
No rating
Download 8.27 KiB | 47,410 downloads


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Comments (23)

Randy Joseph Ng Link
Crazy chaos#wario{O_O}
endrewgamer_ytbr Link
Muito lgl essa hackrom viu
Papelaozinho Link
Its realy crazy and chaotic and y love it#wario{^_^}
FirewolfGamer Link
Can I get a rom for my phone?
The_Sonic83 Link
OMG IT'S CRAZY#smw{o_0}
Klown Link
Thank you, this crashed my computer as soon as I started it because it won't let you close the emulator.#smw{-_-2}
Thank you. #smw{>:|}
Rayon Link
Best sm64 rom hack ever
Klug Link
Kornwill Link
it says it cant open the file because of missing or corrupted files
Nyantendo Link
Thank you Kanye, very cool!
Zarade X Link
It says "This patch is not intended for this ROM."

I am using the .bps file and I have a USA Super Mario 64 ROM (I am European though)
IronFoxGaming Link
I actually beat it on Mupen 64.

I like the extra %̨̉̏ͧͧͥ̍͏̛̼̟̗̜͓̖̠̦͙͖%̨̡̛̹̩̞̥̗̞̥̼̲͍͑ͨ̏̒̇̏̔̆̐͐̆̒̎ͥ̐́̚%̴̷̼̹̪͈̬̖͚̳̜̟̗̩̥̲̓̋͂̒̆̊ͩ̊ͨͩ̐̒̀̚̕͟ͅͅ%̢̩̬̮̙̺͚̙͆ͨ̈ͩ͡ mode especially.
I guess some don't realize it's suppose to do what it does :P
ThatGamerGuy2234 Link
QUICK. Someone make this SM64 multiplayer compadable
LuigiFan423 Link
Love it
Green Jerry Link
RIP Kazeshin 2012-2016
Essem Link
to hurd plz dlite
Kazeshin Author Link
XpheXl Link
This is not a hack, this is a pure Piece of art.

From the very Moment I started my savefile, the Moment I saw the unique camera movement and heard the incredible Mario A capella-remixed Background Music, my mind told me this hack would not be like any other hacks I played. It was right.
Never before has a game been this kind of challenging. Never before has a Videogame Level sent absolutely everything it featured at me the second I enter the Level. Never before has a simple, openable door in a Video game kept me busy for 5 minutes. Never before has a pre-spawned powerup killed me in one hit from full health.
Yet, despite the challenge being immense, there is one Thing this game Features more than difficulty.

It is Fun.

This hack managed to bring Joy into my life like no other game ever did. This sheer masterpiece of game editing manages to be truly unlimited fun in a 8.27 KiB-sized patch. Other games fall out of favor by the time you get to know them, this hack cannot be known by heart. It manages to evolve, to change by itself. Even from a technical point of view, this places it years ahead of our current technologic Standards, but in Terms of game design, this will be an absolute Milestone in the history of not only videogaming, no, not only in the history of humanity, but in the history of the universe.

5/5, no questions left to be asked.
nityananddeonarain Link
It took me 2 months to beat this game. I still have nightmares playing it and its fricken hard and i still play it!

Okay sorry for the angry comment but its hard. :)

SuperMaster Link
This hack is strange, very strange. Are in-game errors and fails. Please update this hack to bugs not appears unintentionally. Thanks.
GreatHacker Link
I'm Already to 71 stars, NO BIG DEAL!
SuperZora Link