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Bounceless on/off switch block

SMW Blocks → Bounceless on/off switch block

Submission Details

Name: Bounceless on/off switch block
Author: HammerBrother
Version History: View
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: Tired of having sprite graphic limits that when you use the on/off switch, your sp4 sprite tile set must be castle or rope (or edit the graphics)? Worry no more, this block does not bounce when hit.

It works exactly like the original smw on/off switch but there are differences: since you can't bounce the block, enemies won't die or get stun when hit and you can hit this switch when its at the edge screen with a kicked sprite.

Secondly, because of smw on/off sound effect was produce by the bounce sprite (not the block itself), hitting this switch with a kicked sprite (shell) on the side will not produce a sound effect.

This switch can still be activated in multiple ways (cape, kicked sprite, and kicked upward)

Another thing is that this block is unaffected by the magikoopa's magic. Preventing the player from getting stuck.

see changes in the "updates.txt" file

Also you can make the switch triggable by a spin jump on top by changing the define at the top.
Tags: bounce lorom on-off on-off block switch vanilla
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Comments (4)

TotemPear Link
Only problem is that it doesn't make sound when hit with a shell from the side. Other than that works pretty well!
Maxodex Link
This block could instead of making a bounce sprite, make the screen shake. Other than that, p cool :P
Final Theory Link
HammerBrother Author From older version: Bounceless on/off switch block v3.5 Link
Note that if you kick a sprite upwards into the bottom at a certain angle, will have a 1/10 chance that will fail to trigger the switch (while playing the sfx), if you have the "sprite buoyancy" set.