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Dynamic Sprites Patch

SMW Patches → Dynamic Sprites Patch

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Dynamic Sprites Patch. For other versions, check the version history.

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Comments (3)

 Vitor Vilela Link
Note that the patch is already included with SA-1 Pack, so there's no SA-1 compatibility on this one.

The fixed bugs are non-existent on SA-1 Pack, so no other modification is required.
 Vitor Vilela Link
I did a few changes in the patch:

1. Moved LDA #$80 : PHA : PLB to fix a rare bug when the bank byte is set to a non-mirrored bank (i.e. $7F), making the patch pretty much screw up part of RAM for a single frame. Thanks worldpeace for actually figuring up.

2. garble.asm now uses proper freespace instead of using bank $04 unused space.
worldpeace From older version: Dynamic Sprites Patch Link
I guess there's a chance that dsx.asm stores #$01 to $7F420D, changing a tile around the top left corner of the main overworld.