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One OR Two Players Only

SMW Patches → One OR Two Players Only

Submission Details

Name: One OR Two Players Only
Author: p4plus2
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch allows you to have one OR two players (Like the individual patches.). This version however is much simpler and requires no freespace.

This version corrects a small error related to saving and continuing.
Tags: lorom player select sa-1
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
Download 281 bytes | 1,907 downloads

Comments (8)

JPhanto Link
Nice patch, worked fine
 RussianMan Link
changed READ1 to lower case, which caused insertion error with asar 1.8 and higher.
Rouge Link
Does not work with Asar 1.8, gives this error:
player.asm:7: error: (E5053): Function 'READ1($00FFD5)' wasn't found. [IF READ1($00FFD5) == $23]

Tested with modified and unmodified roms
 Major Flare Link
Fixed tags. Patch is already SA-1 converted; just removed an unnecessary 'header' statement.
D3r_Bu1ld3r Link
@YoshiB It will disable the selection...
Vitor Vilela Link
No, it allows to you select if you want your game be either single player only or two player only.

Submission approved, although it had no different compared to old version. Converted to SA-1 and added tags too.
Taffy Link
So, this allows you to ONLY have two players, and eliminate the 1 player game option?
horses.1079 Link
you have to open the asm with notepad, and change this line :
!players	= $01	;00 = 1 player, 01 = 2 player

if you want 1p, type $00. if you want 2p, type $01. thats how it works. hope you get it!