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Status Bar Scanline Hack

SMW Patches → Status Bar Scanline Hack

Submission Details

Name: Status Bar Scanline Hack
Author: Ersanio
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: Changes the IRQ trigger scanline number depending on which level you are, to allow you to change the number of scanlines the Status bar uses in any given level. Great for hiding the statusbar during cutscenes, etc. You needto modify the table in the ASM file. Read the readme for more info.

Now doesn't use freeRAM anymore, and fixed RATS tag.
Tags: irq layer 3 lorom needs remoderation position sa-1 scanline status bar
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
Download 2.11 KiB | 358 downloads

Comments (5)

Anas Link
dtothefourth's patch for disabling the status bar is better than this one. Make sure the starting point of your layer 3 BG is set to 'Start of Layer 3' instead of 'Under Status Bar' so you don't see the status bar when you scroll the BG vertically.

Anas Link
Note that with this patch, the status bar truly isn't disabled. It's actually moved to the very top left of the L3 BG. Would be nice if it weren't so.
CenTdemeern1 Link
Great patch!
 Ersanio Author Link
thanks Vitor </late>
Vitor Vilela Link
A quite useful patch, though today we may have better solutions for hiding/removing status bar without removing their functions or operations. Still, considering the various applicable usages we can do with it, this patch is still pretty useful and important for us.

Added tags and SA-1 support. Additionally forced 24-bit addressing on LDA IRQTable,x since usually asar ends up putting it as 16-bit addressing, making it load garbage values since the data bank is not set up.