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Darken Pause

SMW Patches → Darken Pause

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Comments (7)

FireFireDocks Link
okay now it works
FireFireDocks Link
uhh i dont think this works
DarkenPause.asm:13: error: Address out of bounds. [if read1($00FFD5) == $23]
DarkenPause.asm:31: error: No freespace found. [freedata]
A fatal error was detected while assembling the patch. Assembling aborted. Your ROM has not been modified.
Soul Link
You don't have any space left in your rom... Try expanding it or porting your rom
 Erik Link
Tested with: Asar 1.71; SA-1 v1.32; Lunar Magic 3.03; snes9x 1.60; UberASMTool 1.4 (because of similar hijacks)
This patch is up to the standards and requires no remoderation. Added a screenshot.
duders Link
A fantastic patch, however, causes the screen to go black with certain gaming set ups.
 RussianMan Link
This patch also fixes a glitch with 'Echo fix' uberasm code, where pause and unpause sound effects doesn't plays when you pause/unpause the game
lx5 Link
A rather simple patch, approving, I also liked the effect, it's cool.