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MUCH Better Raccoon Patch

SMW Patches → MUCH Better Raccoon Patch

Submission Details

Name: MUCH Better Raccoon Patch
Author: Neosz
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Ah.. So I realized many people have had problems with the old "Better Raccoon Patch" because the code was really sloppy and horribly written, now that I actually have some decent ASM knowledge and grammar, I decided to rewrite some of the code so it actually works properly, and made the freespace visible. Credits to Blargg
Tags: lorom needs remoderation raccoon sa-1 smb3
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
Download 13.93 KiB | 1,436 downloads

Comments (7)

Josuke Yoshikage Link
This needs an update
El Cuh Fermin Link
Originally posted by toad64
work with LM 3.00?

For me works really well. I patched through my hack and it still works.
Romano338 Link
Unfortunately, the "jump on enemies to reset the flying timer" doesn't work in SMW
TheOrangeToad Link
work with LM 3.00?
 Wakana Link
There are two issues with this patch acutally:
- AMK will while when you store to $1DFA. I suggest changing LDA #$01 STA $1DFA with LDA #$35 STA $1DFC if you use AMK.
- The "floating" sfx will trigger even when you jump from the ground. Checking for an SFX to play as an "if" doesn't really work. I fixed it my way here:
LDA #$08
STA $14A5|!base2

LDA $13EF|!base2
CMP #$01
BCS JumpBack

LDA #$04
STA $1DFC|!base2

JML $00D90C

This won't make the floating sfx trigger if you jump from ground.
Purples2 Link

Is it possible to rewrite the patch code rotation with the cover and also the flight? something like the rabbit mario land 2? If it is possible, tell me how, I look for something like that, but I can not find it! Is there a program I can use?
DiscoTheBat Link
Included the original files, however, converted the asar patch to include the SA-1 compatible mode, so it is safe to use it in a SA-1 ROM. Also, I included the .ips file if someone wants it for some reason.