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Various Enemies

SMW Graphics → Various Enemies

Submission Details

Name: Various Enemies
Author: Spade
Type: Original
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: A compilation of various enemies from my cancelled hack. Since my new hack won't be Mario themed, I won't need these anymore.

Copy and paste the graphics into their places in their corresponding GFX files to use them - they are not arranged in the same way as in their original files. These graphics use their original SMW palettes.

Credit would be appreciated.


- Bullet Bill (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal), Banzai Bill, Torpedo Ted
- Cheep Cheep (from SMB1)
- Piranha Plant, Muncher
- Big Boo, Boo (from YI), Boo Buddies, Boo Block
- Thwomp, Thwimp, Ball 'n' Chain, Grinder, Reznor
- Lakitu, Fuzzy
- Waddle Dee (Goomba), Kabula bullet (Bullet Bill) (from Kirby)
Tags: ball and chain banzai bill big boo boo bullet bill cheep cheep fuzzy goomba grinder lakitu muncher needs remoderation piranha plant reznor thwimp thwomp torpedo ted
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Comments (2)

Aurel509 Link
Great !
mallowking Link
Mega Pack!