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    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - "hyper-realistic" Bloody Tears (Remix)

    SMW Music → Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - "hyper-realistic" Bloody Tears (Remix)

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    Comments (11)

    7 up Link
    Eh, I don't like it as much as many others. Mainly due to it being used in 133742069 levels in SMW hacking history, which makes it sound not that good any more. Let that alone, I don't think this theme really deserves to be used in so many stages. While Lui did something sounding different from other ports, this one just doesn't suit my taste as much. And that's why I'll never ever use it in my levels unlike many others

     Anorakun Link
    Personally, I prefer a more "action" filled Bloody Tears remix. This one is good, it just doesn't fit my taste so much. 1/5. Easily my least favorite Bloody Tears rendition in the entire site. lol.
    viniciuskombat Link
    easy 5/5²
    MarcosMoutta Link
    >saturday 6pm
    >hears this in a hack
    >what is this based on
    >it's an original remix made solely for admusik
    >this community is the best thing ever #w{<3}
    niko Link
    easy 5/5
    UTF Link
    years later, i still really like this! i got reminded of this song because i still had it on a song playlist of mine. i hope lui37 makes more cool remixes soon.
    Ultima Link
    Sounds a bit like your VLDC 7 Mountain Map track tbh; the beginning especially is almost the same lmao

    other than that, this is a pretty neat take on Bloody Tears, and definitely better than a lot of the ports of this song currently on the site (yes, even Wakana's, tho that one is a pretty close second IMO mostly due to the overall quality of it); absolutely great job on this!
    JokingOnTheSidewalk Link
    This sounds amazing! I'm gonna see if I could use this anywhere in my hack.
    MonsterJ628 Link
    Absolutely awesome!
    IanBoy Link
    v Beloved Tomboyish Daughter comes pretty close to that though
    UTF Link
    This is a really cool take on Bloody Tears! The time signature change really makes it feel "jaunty". For some reason, that's the word that comes to mind. It also kinda reminds me of your mountain overworld song from the 7th VLDC.

    Speaking of Bloody Tears, is it the most covered/ported song in SMW? I think so! Here's my count on who made ports of it:

    Tornado (ported it twice. 16-bit and 8-bit versions)
    Lui37 (a swanky remix)
    Iguy made at least two unreleased Bloody Tears ports

    I probably forgot a few