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Aftertouch Shatter

SMW Blocks → Aftertouch Shatter

Submission Details

Name: Aftertouch Shatter
Author: HammerBrother
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: Requested by Final Theory.

This custom block will shatter (or change map16 if you change the settings + puff of smoke) after the player gets off the block. Good for platforming stages or places where you jump a lot to dodge stuff.

Unlike JackTheSpades's "Disappear after Jump", his version doesn't detect if the player is leaving the block when *walking off* the block (by getting off the block without the jump and spinjump button). Thats because blocks cannot perform actions while the player is leaving the block; it always run while touching the block.

It uses an invisible custom sprite in order to archive the effect that only runs when leaving the block.
Tags: aftertouch lorom map16 shatter
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
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Comments (8)

PaceTheAce Link
For anyone having problems with it in a SA-1-Rom, the block and sprite need proper conversion to SA-1.
Use the Online SA-1 Hybridizer to convert the asm files. Then delete everything new added except for these first lines:
if read1($00FFD5) == $23		; check if the rom is sa-1
	!SA1 = 1
	!dp = $3000
	!addr = $6000
	!bank = $000000
	!bankA = $400000
	!SA1 = 0
	!dp = $0000
	!addr = $0000
	!bank = $800000
	!bankA = $7E0000

Then add "|!dp" at the end of the following lines:
!SprMiscTbl1 = $C2
!SprMiscTbl2 = $1504
!SprMiscTbl3 = $151C

So it looks like this:
!SprMiscTbl1 = $C2|!dp
!SprMiscTbl2 = $1504|!dp
!SprMiscTbl3 = $151C|!dp

That solves also nextMap16 Tile behavior. But somehow there is no jump sound when you jump off the normal shattering ones.

And don't forget to change the !Sa1Slots number to 22 in the block file.
Skewer Link
For those looking to get this block to work, replace the JSR SUBL_SET_MAP16 (in the Sprite file, not the block) with %ChangeMap16()
Leithen Link
Also curious if this works with PIXI. I could not figure it out. Also, what happened to the readme? There is almost no information on how to actually implement this block. For example, it says it will explain how to use asar.exe but then never mentions it again.
Hayashi Neru Link
Does it work on PIXI?
MarioE Link
While it seems kind of hacky, the invisible sprites work pretty well. Obviously, this shouldn't be used anywhere the sprite limit can be reached.
HammerBrother Author Link
Think outside the block.
Final Theory Link