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Red Wario

Super Mario World Hacks → Red Wario

Submission Details

Name: Red Wario
Author: SMWHackedHACK
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Wario lives in a calm island.
But Wario have the Mario powers!

At this demo: 1 world

World list:
1 - Calm (This DEMO)
2 - Ice
3 - Water
4 - Underground (last world)
5 - Secret World!
The World list can change.

Remember, this is a DEMO. Have fun!
Tags: music sa-1 traditional vanilla wario
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
2.4 (16 ratings)
No rating
Download 190.21 KiB | 24,228 downloads


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Comments (13)

zacmario Link
SMWHackedHACK Author Link
@Luansilva12 It's cancelled lol : P
i lost my red wario content
Green Jerry Link
@SMWHackedHACK - Now this hack is most likely cancelled...

SMWHackedHACK Author Link
@Luansilva12 - Yeah, I'm surprised.

I don't know if I'll make a second demo. I think I'll make another Wario or Waluigi hack.
Green Jerry Link
Finally there will be a second demo!

Also over 20k downloads!
SMWHackedHACK Author Link
@BLZEE - I'll change the history of the hack.
SMWHackedHACK Author Link
Second demo is coming!
even though this is a demo i hope to see the wacky enemy designs usually seen in the wario hacks in the later versions. though when i did download this i was kinda expecting a story where wario would act as an imposter to mario getting all the gold he can get as an award for his "Heroic" actions and you would get to fight the bosses which would be the cast of the mario heros and yoshi would know first placing a gimcick to the hack where yoshi rejects you and you can only be able to make use of the baby yoshies.
SMWHackedHACK Author Link
What emulator are you using? I tested the boss but there are no slowdowns. And my hack have SA-1, i don't know what is happening.

And I'll make the levels bigger.
niko Link
Nothing special but not bad!
But why the extrem slowdowns at the boss?
Fix that, make the full version better, the levels longer and a bit horizontal!
Aeon Link
Hack started well, with some decent (even if simple) design, but the quality decreased a lot on the second half - the two last levels were shorter and less fun than the first ones. Still good enough to be accepted, but I strongly recommend taking some time next demo, as this one felt rushed at the end.

2/5 stars.
TheMorganah Link
Is easy and very cool!
ft029 Link
One acronym: Lol.