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Super Luigi: The Regular Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Luigi: The Regular Quest

Submission Details

Name: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest
Author: Blittle McNilsen
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: The 1.2 update contains various changes to the level design and a new story. See changelog for details. Still no World 2 yet, sorry! Someday... maybe.
My very first demo that I've actually finished and submitted to SMW Central!

Luigi takes the helm as Player 1 in the Mario Bros's latest adventure! The Koopa Troop has invaded and done something unfathomable: NOT kidnapping Princess Peach! Instead, they merely took one Grand Star and delivered it to Bowser. Luigi and Mario set off to liberate the Mushroom Kingdom and recover the Grand Star, and find out what Bowser has up his sleeve that he'd do something so fundamentally against his MO.

This hack has been tested and confirmed to work on the following emulators:
-Snes9x 1.53
-Higan (Accuracy Build) 0.94
-ZSNES 1.51 (sort of...see below)
Other emulators have not been tested, but should work. Also, since it works on Higan Accuracy (aka, the closest possible software to a real SNES,) it should also work on a real SNES, if you have a flash cart.

A NOTE ABOUT ZSNES 1.51: This emulator seems to have more problems with slowdown than other emulators that have been tested. Slowdown is still present at times in the other emulators, but not as much. Therefore, Snes9x or Higan will work best for this hack. You CAN still use ZSNES if you must (there's no awful game-breaking glitches or anything,) just keep this in mind. Though considering the security problems of ZSNES that have recently come to light and the fact SMW Central no longer requires hacks to work on ZSNES due to said issues, you may be better off just not using ZSNES at all.
Tags: asm bosses exgfx hdma luigi music traditional
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
4.3 (6 ratings)
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Comments (16)

RetroYuuki Link
Hi there

Its RetroYuuki with some cool stuff. This rom has is cool and the fact that it brought me back with references to my childhood is awesome. Here is my gameplay for you. Ill do a full review on it at another time

For this gameplay I did not get the secret exit, but I know where it is now. Enjoy it. #smrpg{y}
JaRetro Link
Up to W1-3, love it already. More hacks NEED the Mario 2 elements and the Wall jump. I also noticed the fact you can still spinjump on Mario 3 blocks, which I like!
kaitri Link
pretty nice hack, waiting for more
Green Jerry Link
DJfour7 Link
@Blittle McNilsen: Found it, quite clever!
Blittle McNilsen Author Link
@Eternity: Thank you. Yeah, the screenshot thing is weird. I tried submitting the hack with 33 screens, but it stopped me and said I had too many. So I removed 3 and submitted, and this time it worked, except the 3 I removed were included anyways... lolwut?

@DJfour7: I'll give you a hint: pay attention to the dragon coins. You may find one that's placed somewhat... oddly. ;3

@Matias Palacios: That's strange, it works for me. o.O You're using version 1.51, right?
Matias Palacios Link
I can't play on my ZSNES emulator. The game doesn't open.
DJfour7 Link
This is a really good hack, but one thing that I was wondering was where is the secret exit on level three? I have been looking for quite some time and have not been able to find it.
Aeon Link
Sorry, had to delete 3 screens as the limit is 30. I find it weird that users can submit hacks normally when they're over the screen limit in first place though, but w/e I guess v(o_o)v

Great job with this by the way! Had a lot of fun moderating it. It's been a while since I last played a SMAS-styled hack. The actual level design is a bit less SMASish than the aesthetics, but it's still fun so it's fine I suppose.

4/5 stars.
TheAwesomeNexusBStudios From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
Can You Release It Fully? I'm not rushing you.
TheAwesomeNexusBStudios From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
Can You Release It Fully? I'm not rushing you.
Mario34 100 From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
IanBoy From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
fun hack, sadly its just a demo.
mario and luigi From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
a nostalgic hack indeed. played it, and it was very fun to play! with combined graphics, like smb1, smb2, and smb3, it calls for a new game experience!

if you're looking for a short demo worth of your time, try out super luigi - the regular quest.
bowser5543 From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
The plot. XD. I'll download it.
MercuryPenny From older version: Super Luigi: The Regular Quest Link
Goodness! I loved this hack when I first played it!

Level design:
Nothing wrong here. There is exactly one spot that will take you a minute to figure out, but other than that, nothing. You have no clutter, no emptiness, and a perfect balance of difficulty. Simply magnificent.

Great. You used the SMAS graphics as they were supposed to be used, nothing to complain or nitpick about here.

SMAS. Nothing else to say. It really fits.

Despite some minor slowdown, there's not much wrong with it. You really got some good testers.


Can't get much better than this. I highly recommend this to anyone.