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test.smc | The old and new Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → test.smc | The old and new Mario World

Submission Details

Name: test.smc | The old and new Mario World
Author: yogui
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 41 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: test.smc is a compilation hack regrouping unfinished and unreleased levels made by yogui over multiple years, along with new levels. Quality may vary.

The game comes with a complete save file and a text file giving informations of all the levels and their origins.

For more information, check the release thread.

Note: If you are going to play the hack in ZSNES, you may need to change the "per2exec=100" to "per2exec=150" in zsnes.cfg to remove some slowdowns.

Happy gaming.

12/02/15 1.01 : Fixed a game breaking glitch that could occur in boo boss 3, and one that may appears during autoscroll.

Le jeu est en anglais (il n'y a pas beaucoup de texte de toute façon). Le fichier texte de description des niveaux inclus est en anglais, une version française est disponible ICI.
Tags: asm bosses compilation exgfx french hdma music variety
Comments: 42 (jump to comments)
4.2 (43 ratings)
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Download 371.56 KiB | 84,087 downloads


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Comments (42)

h.carrell Link
Most Downloaded?
Niko Oneshot Link
ainda não joguei mas adorei a jogabilhidade
yygdrasil Link
ca va tranquille!!#w{<3}
TheLegendaryOrb Link
hard for me LOL
Norman Link
como lo descargo :(
TheLucraftTeam Link
buen hack te felicito
Joao_Vitor Link
top nem baixei mais já curti #smrpg{y}
Batata Douce Link
Great hack (I can not stop speaking Portuguese :( ) #smrpg {y}
Batata Douce Link
ótima hack! #smrpg{y}
RunninPigeon Link
#smw{:TUP:} This hack looks really good! :D
SilentSnake Link
Only 40 votes wtf
PSI_Digglit Link
good job
TheOldThunder Link
Fully fleshed out, challenging, but almost entirely fair. Well done, also nice tunes
DarkWingy Link
I really like it! Keep it up!
Gabriel12102673 Link
This hack is test?
Amazing hack!
kaitri Link
72k downloads. 38 votes. damn.
TomsMostHammed Link
Welcome to the most downloaded romhack in SMWCENTRAL
amaja8 Link
Armada911 Link
Nice thanks
NitroAsteroid Link
outraeinar Link
hobbledehoy899 Link
You might want to rename this to test.sfc...
Sketch Link
I see the title screen has a Windows 9.x Tree icon as a sprite!
MyPocketPlant Link
Well hey at least these hacks are being downloaded...
 Stivi Link
Those Downloads... wish you could remove stuff like this :(
 yogui Author Link
Someone effectively used a bot to increase the download count of a bunch of random hacks. And mine is the most downloaded.
I assure you that this is not my doing (I would have increased Something else instead :p)
Staffs are looking for a solution. Please check this thread for more informations:
Please do not post about the high download count here, post about the hack itself.
I think they should reset all hacks download count to 0 or completely removing the most downloaded section (I find it useless imo).
h.carrell Link
a whole bunch of downloads
riki2321 Link
unipat Link
A few other hacks have had their downloads screwed with too. Secret of the 7 Golden Statues, the most-downloaded hack, has now been surpassed by 4 different hacks in a matter of hours.
SMWicide Link
niko Link
That downloads seems legit.

The sense of this site to share software and have fun and see how your hack grows is now also gone with that funny bots.

Big Brawler Link
Now 32,000?!
Well, someone is playing with that Download button, lol
 RussianMan Link
Green Jerry Link
Maybe someone spam clicked the download button.
Big Brawler Link
But yesterday this hack has less than 13,000
ft029 Link
Very well done! There are a few design flaws (can go through walls in the fast water castle, for instance). In particular, the last world. The mole level took me about 50 or so tries (did get the moon though), and it's probably kaizo. I disabled BG2 for the grey cement block level hehehe. The castles were difficult--there is this one red bullet jump right before the midpoint that is very sadistic. The fast-autoscroll is also sadistic, so much that I decided to take a hit so that I could be smaller there. The credits were funny-ish, I guess? Speaking of funny, the F YOU THWOMP level's coin trap hit Mario straight on the head, and I was small at the time because I got hit from the first one too. (Sprung right into the trap!) Also, the roller coaster level could have used an extra hit somewhere. Thank goodness I didn't have too much trouble with that one.

Overall, it's funny, well-designed, creative, and fun. The last few levels get a bit frustrating or feel slightly too long. Also, some parts are not explained too well. The secret exit of Yoshi's Inside Story and Yoshi's diet comes to mind. When I know the solution of both, it seems obvious, but my brain farts sometimes.

5/5. I can see aterraformer having a lot of trouble with this one though lol. I guess I'm more accustomed to kaizo-esque design.
KorayD Link
This is a fantastic hack, I highly recommend playing it.
Woutersmits Link
Sorry for wrong review
 Wakana Link
This is a pretty nice hack. I'm a fan of your works, and this is another pretty well made one. Although, the non-human difficulty at times made this a really heavy one to go trough. Yet, I liked the original ideas this hack uses, sure makes up for an entertaining hack.

The only issue I'd like to point out, is that some musics do a really loud noise at the beginning if you're playing the hack in accurate emulators. You should consider fixing this; thankfully it didn't break the game anywhere, but it's recommended you fix and update this.

Overall, I'm giving this 3/5.
 Aram Link
fuck you woutersmits its an awesome hack
lolyoshi Link
same same samemem
Woutersmits Link
this hack wont be accepted becouse
it have cutoffs here and there and its kaisoise levels
and you may say its hard hack
the savefile isnt nessurary