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Details for Undertale - Font
SMW Graphics - Undertale - Font Show random
File Name: Undertale - Font
Authors: Toby Fox, Wizard The Wizzisential
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Font, Miscellaneous
Description: Here's some fonts from Undertale, for use in cutscenes (or i guess regular game text if you don't mind it being 8x16)
Included are:
-Comic Sans (sans' font)
-Determination (the game's normal font)
-WingDings (W.D.Gaster's font)
-WingDings translation guide (so you can actually use it)
-a tiny sans sprite (to cover blank space, since sans never uses capital letters in his font)
-map16s and graphics
-sample level for sans showing how the simple border/sprite works

Gaster's screenshot shows a character sprite NOT included, it's just from my test rom so don't worry about your characters becoming bootlegs, i just forgot to disable the sprite layer
Tags: cutscene, sans serif
Download: Download - 11.04 KiB
WOW! Thanks i needed this 5 stars:)
Posted by: ninj - | Link
Really hope this goes to the vwf dialgues patch soon.
Posted by: HammerBrother - | Link
>this has the most downloads of the entire smw graphics section
im an undertale fan and even i find this absurd

someone make a comic sans ms font to replace the level name and message box font tbh

i want maximum level graphic design
Posted by:  lion - | Link
This thing has the most downloads i've ever seen But Very cool font!
Posted by: riki2321 - | Link
No Papyrus, am dissapoint :(

jk this is pretty neat
Posted by: Mellonpizza - | Link