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Ground Pound

SMW Patches → Ground Pound

Submission Details

Name: Ground Pound
Authors: DaEpicToad, MarioE
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: A fixed version of MarioE's ground pound patch. All I did was remove the slide code so it could be compatible with asar (so you don't slide like a bullet, doesn't need original ground pound to be inserted.)

Now it includes full asar and SA-1 support.
Tags: fix ground pound lorom needs remoderation sa-1
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
Download 3.11 KiB | 1,379 downloads

Comments (14)

Xboy1282 Link
This is good but there's not much use to it because it can't break and activate blocks so you would just be better off using a spin jump instead
DTA450 Link
I noticed a bug:
You can still ground pound if a message box displays a message and if you're in mid-air. If you press DOWN, you will hear the ground pound SFX. After that, if you press B to skip the message, it will not work. (You will have to undo the ground pound by pressing UP to 'unlock' this state, then you'll be able to close the message).
PedroHrodrigues Link
Works fine for me.
Thiago678 Link
Cool man!
Dark Prince Link
not compatible with long and u-jump
El Cuh Fermin Link
My ROM works fine. No bugs, no glitches. I edited the SFX so I will recomend.
thecentralbus Link
There is a bug that if you are considered ground pounding (or about to) when a text box appears, you are unable to close the text box.
ShoeKuribo Link
if you do crash the game intentionally, just press up and then unpause and you can continue with your life
juaneergameer Link
tutorial to how to crash smw with a patch from smw central: 1- install this patch 2- go to ANY level 3 - pause the game 4- press down 5- enjoy your crash
MoonlightCapital Link
This does not work... Crashes the title screem
Andyana Jonseph Link
It turns out it gets disabled when trying to make a new title demo.
Polaris Link
The blocks should still work, as DaEpicToad said he removed only the slide code.
 Aram Link
Do the blocks still work?
DiscoTheBat Link
The original patch had still implemented xkas functions, I replaced them with asar functions and I implemented SA-1 addresses.