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Details for My little Puzzles - The Road to Wisdom
Super Mario World Hacks - My little Puzzles - The Road to Wisdom Link - Show random
File Name: My little Puzzles - The Road to Wisdom
Authors: Chosentw0
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 38 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: My little Puzzles is - who guessed it? - a Puzzle Hack.

This Hack requires NO GLITCHES so don't use them unless you want to break everything...savestates and rewinds are recommended.

-> Get ready for some tricky puzzles
-> Custom blocks for even more trickier puzzles :)
-> Nice custom music
-> Some levels need the "help" of other levels
-> Get the message boxes for some cool mario facts

Have fun! :)
Tags: asm, music, puzzle, vanilla
Rating: 4.1 (Votes: 18)
Download: Download - 431.70 KiB
How to finish level "Not Food Enough"?
I tried to bring a mushroom on the top, but the start mushroom disturbs me. There's no another mushroom for yoshi. The shell and its koopa aren't enough to Yoshi.
Posted by: JVAnacleto - | Link
So ive played this series not so long ago, but never felt like commenting on it after beating it..

All i want to say is they are awesome.
I know, people usually get carried away by playing it with glitches and 'cheese' every level instead of trying to solve the puzzles, but while its a valid approach (and in a way turns it in another kind of puzzle), you will probably miss a lot of its greatness if you do it that way.

MLP1 was great, with some really engaging puzzles, and it really made me feel like i wanted more.. which is why ive continued to play the series..

MLP2 i think, roughly speaking, the 1st half wasnt that engaging (and quite disappointing to be honest) but it gets better as the game goes on. I must say tho are some pissening levels (like the pokey level) and coin/block trails get a bit overused (and not in a good way).

MLP3 is a masterpiece. Again, it starts very slow, probably to get the player used to the new mechanics (which are great, but unfortunately opens room for a lot of jank), but it gets much better. World 6 alone makes this hack worth playing. World 7 is a bit intimidating at 1st sight, but that was amazing.. the level "The everchanging" was so impressive.. i would say it takes a bit of experience as a smw hacker to fully appreciate this hack, just casually playing it wont do it.. and shoutouts to the most nerve-wracking level ever made "Messed up" (world 5?).. that level made me puke blood for 3 days straight, and i still have occasional headaches caused by it.

Overall 5/5.. would play it again

**Play it wisely and use savestates
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Originally posted by NaroGugul
but i still wonder whats the point of the throw block?! its just a distraction?
one of my cape strats involved flying below and grabbing the block.. but thats just terrible

As I remember, that block was just a distraction from the real solution (I run out of Ideas on this point but wanted some boss as well ;) )
Posted by: Chosentw0 - | Link
any hint on how to beat the boo boss?
i did it bringing cape, but thats way too precise and i kinda doubt its the intended way.
i thought about bringing the yellow yoshi.. but im not sure what to do with the throw block (assuming sticking stuff into the walls isnt required.. and unfortunately the 1up doesnt hit boo)
im kinda out of ideas

** edit.. i got some help and both with cape or yellow yoshi seems easy enough strats (without glitches)
but i still wonder whats the point of the throw block?! its just a distraction?
one of my cape strats involved flying below and grabbing the block.. but thats just terrible
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link
Originally posted by METAL GADEIA
So i believe it is an error.

No its not an Error - the solution just had changed a bit. If you are still looking for the solution, you can watch "Masalin2412" on youtube showing the new solution
Posted by: Chosentw0 - | Link
Hi! I begin to play and i could not pass the second phase (stupid mushrooms). So i went to youtube to see someone that pass the level. But for my surprise there is a flying turtle in the begin that does not exist in the version here from this site. So i believe it is an error. I am new on this site, but please can you fix it? I really wanna play this trough! Thanks!!
Posted by: METAL GADEIA - | Link
Figuring out how you can take items into the Level is part of the puzzle. The third hack is easier on this part because the Level tells you, if you need something or not.
And yes your solution is right. There is also a second soltution involving a second Yoshi you can take into this level.
Posted by: Chosentw0 - | Link
i never know if i "cheated" the system or not.
on the level "not enough food" i got the mushroom at the start through the death blocks by bringing a feather from lv 2 with me. and thus i had a shroom myself and one in the level for yoshi.
so did i do it correct... or did i cheat? thats the problem with this entire hack series for me, i played all 3 hacks but eventually had to drop them because i didnt know what or how to bring stuff with me.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
My Little Puzzles also stands for My Little Pony. Bronies/Pegasisters/MLP fans in SMW Central confirmed!
Posted by: CurrencyMiracles - | Link
Can someone make a walkthrough of V1.1 in English?
Posted by: Kaisaan - | Link
This is a really nice puzzle hack. This hack can test your skills at solving them. I currently in 'Please stop dying'. I used only two glitches to complete two levels (key jump in 'Happy chucks' and hit turn block through the wall in 'Right order.')
Will be nice if you update this hack to make kill blocks looks line kill blocks in second hack. 4/5
Posted by:  RussianMan - | Link
You did a really nice job! However, many parts of this hack are kind of blind, and it leaves me getting frustrated. Like, for example, the "GO AWAY SPRITES" level is incredibly confusing at the part with the shell-less koopas and the blue koopa shell. Once I kill them all along with Yoshi, the next part leaves me gaping at the screen.
Posted by: Chillah - | Link
According this hack, I'm not smart at all, lol.

This is probably not the kind of hack I like most: I must admit most of the puzzles I played in my experience ended up being either too easy, or poorly made, or just crappy mazes with thousands of doors to enter, so I don't go HYPE HYPE when playing hacks like this.
Although this one is different, it can really be defined a true puzzle hack. There are lots of good and bad aspects though.
The good aspects are about the complexity and the difficulty curve: I could make similarities with VIP hacks, where in some levels, the design goes wild and asks you to do really insane stuff (I recall the first puzzle room in VIP3 for example, a world 1 level goes that wild already, lol); this hack does a similar thing, the levels are all possible, and require you to think about each single puzzle for quite a bit of time. As I said, I ended up not being too smart, stuff got impossible to me past world 1. Around that part, I really needed hints, and I'm glad there is an LP of this in the readme, or I'd be still moderating this.
The bad part may not be your fault, but I hate the fact you had to suicide if you messed up in a level. You could've used many solutions for this problem, like making reset doors (right now, only 1 level does this, if I recall correctly), or some asm that makes you able to restart the level, or something else that stopped you from suiciding just because you messed up.

Plus, some issues found:
- "HAPPY SPARKYS" has sprite tile limits issues, which happens when there are lots of P-Switches around.
- Lots of levels have weird sprite glitches, mainly in castles levels with Yoshi (notice the glitches when i.e. the Yoshi egg breaks, or when Yoshi's tongue shows). This could've been avoided easily, by either playing around with gfx files or by remapping sprite tiles with STEAR.

Either way, I'm accepting this. While it has its issues, it's totally worth accepting.
Posted by:  Wakana - | Link

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