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    Final Fantasy VI - Kefka's Laugh

    BRR Samples → Final Fantasy VI - Kefka's Laugh

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    Imnever Link
    This is actually Kefka's Laugh, from Final Fantasy 6.
    Wavee Link
    lmao how is anything from sonic.exe "Graphic or Disturbing"

    the only thing relating to sonic that is scary are all those deviantart uploads
    H.carrell on an ipad Link
    ianBoy I know
    IanBoy Link
    because they havent played the ff series
    lion Link
    >sonic.exe laugh
    >not kefka laugh

    IanBoy Link
    It also was used by Knuckles in the classic Sonic Oddshow shorts.
    Dark Mario Bros Link
    you know... sonic.exe laugh is kefka's laugh from final fantasy 6 too right? :3
    Green Jerry Link
    Mod edit: Graphic or disturbing imagery such as the Sonic.EXE face originally included in this comment is completely unacceptable in our comment section(s), as some or several people may be very sensitive to it.

    [image removed]
    GAME OVER: Mario was slain by Sonic.EXE!