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Freeze/Lock fix

SMW Patches → Freeze/Lock fix

Submission Details

Name: Freeze/Lock fix
Author: HammerBrother
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: This patch fixes bugs in smw regarding sprites ignoring if $7E009D is set. This includes:
-Shelless koopas and sumo bro.'s lightning keeps falling.
--Shelless koopas on conveyor belt "slides" on it.
--If you freeze while red or blue koopa (they turn around on edges of the platform), while on the very edge of the platform, they will fall off the edge.
-Changing item keeps changing.
--Added a changing item sfx like in the remake of SMA2.
-Star sprites keep flashing.
-Dark room spotlight keeps "spinning".
-[semi-fix]Even if the shooter's timer to shoot uses $9D, it still uses $13 when it should use $14
Tags: bugfix freeze lock lorom needs remoderation sa-1 time stop
Comments: 2 (jump to comments)
Download 2.18 KiB | 338 downloads


Comments (2)

lx5 Link
This actually is an interesting fix, I've always been annoyed by the sumo bro's lightning issue.

Also it's nice to see that you made optional the changing powerup sfx code.
JackTheSpades From older version: Freeze/Lock fix Link
Great to see this fixed.
Though I'm not fully sure why you added the sound effect to the changing item. I don't really mind but it has nothing to do with this, does it? Well, it's easy enough to remove so who cares.

For all those who don't know howto:

remove those lines BEFORE patching.
org $01C330		;\Also add a sfx like Super Mario Advance 2 remake.
autoclean JSL ChangingItemSfx	;|
nop #1				;/

Then go to ChangingItemSfx and delete everything below it.
But I can't imagine anyone being actually annoyed by it.